Media praise for Mac OS X for Unix Geeks

"Two books from O'Reilly, 'Learning Unix for Mac OS X'...and 'Mac OS X for Unix Geeks'...should certainly be on your shelf. Both are recommended by the Apple Developer Connection (ADC). 'Learning Unix for Mac OS X' is aimed at Mac OS users who are interested in learning about Unix; 'Mac OS X for Unix Geeks' is amied at long-time Unix users who are 'switching' to Mac OS X. Whivhever group you see yourself in, I'd recommend adding both books to your shelf--if one doesn't address your questions, the other probably will."
--Vicki Brown, "MacTech," September 2003

"For the Unix developer this title presents a concise, but comprehensive, guide to working in the OS X environmnet. There are many traps and tricks, and this is undoubtedly the best (if not the only) reference that covers them in specific detail."
--Major Keary, "AUSOM News," May 2003

"Mac Guild Grade B+ Great... I found that the book would be useful by any experience level of Unix developer or system administrator...I did find the book useful and practical and would recommend it as the place to start."
-- Steve Nickerson, Mac Guild, Feb 4, 2003

"Slim and unassuming, but contains valuable nuggets of Mac OS X lore."
--Rich Morin, MACTECH, Dec 2002

"If you read just one book, try 'Mac OS X for Unix Geeks.' Most other books aren't for you because they are trying to explain Unix to Mac heads.", Dec 30, 2002

"It's not just a book. It is the access code to the world of the 'backside of OS X.'"
--Robert Pritchett, MacNut, January 200

"Despite the title, anyone wanting to get the most out of the Unix underpinnings of OS X would do well to invest in a copy of this book...bottom line: if you want to know about the BSD core of OS X, get this book; Unix experts will find themselves transitioning more quickly, while those of us from the graphical worlds of Windows and Mac OS will find it much easier to communicate with our Macs and other geeks."
--Chris Pirillo, Tech TV, Nov 2002

"This little book is packed with tremendous details important to the large segment of Unix programmers who have migrated to the Apple Mac OS X for its cool development environment. Although there are similarities to the hacking code between Mac OS X and Unix systems, there are enough pitfalls and minefields that make a guide like this valuable."
--BOOK BYTES, Dec 2002

"It's about time: 'Mac OS X for Unix Geeks' arrives on the scene none too soon for Unix aficionados who, having heard that the latest editions of Mac OS are based on a Unix variant, want to see how the platform compares to more venerable versions of the eminently configurable operating system...It's a fast read that assumes--as the title implies--rather a lot of Unix knowledge. With that requirement satisfied and this book in hand, you're likely to discover aspects of Aqua more quickly than you otherwise would have."
--David Wall,

" the typical highly readable and comprehensive O'Reilly style. If you're a Unix geek and are switching to the Mac, you should definitely buy this book."
--Netsurfer Digest, Oct 19, 2000