Media praise for Webmaster in a Nutshell

"The Internet programmer's bible reincarnated! Linux Format Rating: 10/10."
--Amias Channer, "Linux Format," July 2003

"A dense reference manual is one that has a wealth of information that's easily accessible in a small volume. A dense reference manual is one that will fit in your briefcase. These do. 'Dense' is good. Is it time for the titles? 'Webmaster in a Nutshell' is one. The other is 'Web Design in a Nutshell.' I've read a lot of books over the years, but these two are indispensable. I take them home. I take them back to the office. I read them in bed. (OK. You already knew I was a geek, but this is stretching it even for geeks. I have, though, read them in bed.)...a near-perfect reference."
--Bill Blinn, Technology Corner, Jan 25, 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"As the Internet moves forward, you, as a webmaster, have to become increasingly knowledgeable and adept in a greater number of programming languages and technologies. First, there was HTML, then along came JavaScript. CSS was the next hot thing. Each time you've had to hit the books to upgrade your skills. By now most of us have a large collection of books about HTML, JavaScript, HTML 4, XML, etc. sitting by our computers for reference. What if you could squish that stack of books into one? Impossible you say. Well, not anymore. O'Reilly just released 'Webmaster in a Nutshell 2nd edition'. The book manages to crunch several languages and technologies into one, compact, reference book. At $24.95, this is one book that will pay for itself a thousand times over in time saved and increased productivity. Rating: 5/5."
--Matt Mickiewicz,

"This is one of a small set of books which I use all the time. It doesn't cover Java as such, but is a mine of useful and accessible information on HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, CGI, Perl, PHP and Apache configuration. Although I have many other books which cover these areas, usually in much more detail, this book is often all I need to answer a particular question. To me, this book, along with Unix in a Nutshell, show how good a 'Nutshell' book can be. Small enough to carry about, and packed full of genuinely useful information."
--Frank Carver,, Dec 2000

"'Webmaster in a Nutshel' by Stephan Spainhour & Robert Eckstein answers all those geeky questions like server configuration settings, all the valid attributes of an HTML tag, configuring Apache for server side includes and so on. Even if you aren't planning to actually deal with these arcane issues, it can be handy to know what exactly all of those 505 hits really mean in your web stat report. Or to be able to ask pertinent questions of the hosting services your considering to make certain they know what they're doing. If you are handling the maintenance in-house or are having meetings about dynamic options and e-commerce on Apache servers, you would do well to add 'Webmaster in a Nutshell' to your essential web reference shelf."
--Carolyne Cooper, Elements of Web Style, January 2001

"This book provides a sensible introduction to the topics facing a web master. As with all of the O'Reilly series books, although it has a gentle introduction, this isn't a book you'll outgrow in five minutes."
--Mark Brett, NUAnces, Dec 2000

"As always, O'Reilly's books are clear and to the point. If you devote some hours of your time to reading and using this information, you will come away with a fountain of information. I rated this book as a 10+."
--Barbara Rhoades, St Louis Web Developers & Web Designers Organization, Dec 2000

"This is a must have"
--Ralph E. Wasmer Jr , Great Inland Sea Computer User Group, June 2000

"The book bills itself as 'A Desktop Quick Reference,' and O'Reilly certainly lives up to the task. Very little is left out in this informative book"
--Nick Disabato,, April, 2000

"This is another in O'Reilly's great 'in a Nutshell' series of reference books. It is a fantastic introduction to HTML, XML, Java, CGI and Perl, PHP and HTTP. Beautifully indexed by subject, it starts you out easily and then gives you a lot of informational bang for your buck! Both the beginner and the expert will find useful information in this great reference book. Every webmaster needs this book in his library."
--Heinz Scheuenstuhl, Golden Gate Computer Society Newsletter, Sept. 2000

"This book is great to have as a ready and concise reference to the many technologies one can use to supplement HTML in creating dynamic content, and in providing interactive capabilities in web sites and web pages."
--Joe Baeza, The Vista PC journal, Feb 2000

"Publisher O'Reilly is known for its computer programming manuals, and designers might shy away from this reference guide's obviously technical slant--but they shouldn't. For those who want (or need) to go beyond basic HTML, authors Spainhour and Eckstein offer a thorough, clear, and accessible reference that covers everything from special characters and Cascading Style Sheets to XML, CGI, and JavaScript. Other guides can show you 'how to' but this is the one reference book that calls up the specifics, whatever the technology."
--Critique Magazine, Feb 2000

"a highly organized and well-structured compilation of web developing instruction and quick reference information including web coding tags, expressions, values, modules and statements. Webmasters looking for a quick fix, brush-up, or fast introduction to a new topic will find this reference extremely handy."
--Writers Write, March 2000

"The webmaster Force, in benevolent open-source fashion, courses through 'Webmaster in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition.' You'll want a copy within reach as a quick reference to open standards such as HTML, XML (extensible markup language), Perl, HTTP, and Apache web server administration. Today's webmasters must be literate in a number of different--and ever-evolving--languages and technologies. This book is a tool for dealing with this demanding requirement."
--Stephen Plain,, August 1999

"On today's wired campuses, students are well positioned to become self- taught webmasters, picking up skills as needed on any available equipment. And web building skills have become a key resource for academic or community projects--not to mention a handy source of employment. The new edition of O'Reilly's 'Webmaster In a Nutshell' by Stephen Spainhour and Robert Eckstein is densly packed with pointers and references for almost every technology a web developer uses: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, CGI/Perl, PHP, HTTP, Apache. Although the book won't hand-hold you through the basics, it's an excellent resource for the ambitious student."
--CNET, Back to School Feature, August 1999