Media praise for Writing Excel Macros with VBA

"This is a very specialized book with a very specialized core audience and this text does what it says it does--teach you how to write Excel Macros using VBA... Any user would want a book that helps them complete their task at hand and this book gets my seal of approval in helping to do just that."
--Daniel J. McKinnon, review, June 2005

"If you want to learn VBA for Excel, the best resource is Steven Roman's Writing Excel Macros."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2005:1

"Steven Roman has done an excellent job of making the power of VBA accessible to the Excel user who is willing to work a bit. Spend a little time with Excel and this book and you'll find you have a powerful analytical environment at your fingertips."
--John Bollinger, John Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter, 20 September 2002

"If you've mastered Excel functions and formulas and have tried to stick your toe in the macro waters, you know that very few Excel books on the market tackle macros to any useful degree. Sure, they'll help you get started, but just when you're getting comfortable with macros, they move on to another topic. 'Writing Excel Macros with VBA, Second Edition' by Steven Roman won't let you down. Updated to cover Excel XP, Roman is for the non-programmer who wants to get more out of Excel automation. Roman takes you through some simple examples to get you warmed up. Yes, you?ll have to get used to some programming fundamentals--variables, arrays, looping, and the like--but Roman's book if full of easy-to-understand code snippets...'Writing Excel Macros' is definitely the place to begin to when you're ready to delve into macros. Strongly recommended."
--James E. Powell, The Office Letter, September 2002