Media praise for Cisco Cookbook

"Another excellent book published by O'Reilly carrying forward their 'tradition' of precise cogent publications for computer professionals. The book's breadth is wonderful - it can be useful to the casual router user but it seems also to have enough material that even someone as advanced as a CCIE would probably find this a handy instrument. As a manager who occasionally is involved in the complexity of networking minutiae, this book was perfect. I could simply review a concept by checking the index and then proceeding to the salient page...I had my staff engineer review this book also - he thought
it was excellent....One of his remarks was that this book covers many subjects that Cisco itself fails to cover in their website. Overall, this is one of the best O'Reilly books I've ever read - and I've been buying them since 1986."
--Keith Olson, Front Range UNIX Users Group, October 2003

"This hefty volume offers solutions to configuring interfaces from ATM to frame relay and serial. There are IP routing problem solutions for EIGRP, BGP and OSPF, solutions to authentication issues, and router management protocols. If you have to set up backup links, the Cookbook will help. Of course, there are traffic management solutions via use of access lists. The book is intended for network engineers and to that end, it shows how to do such things as synchronize clocks on routers and then use them as time sources for application servers on the network. The book is dense with code yet readable. Authors Kevin Dooley, a physicist, and Ian J. Brown, a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert with a dozen years of experience in the networking business, have done a commendable job of rendering order out of apparent chaos...If fixing problems with Cisco routers is your job, the 'Cisco Cookbook' is a must-read."
--Andrew Allentuck, "The Globe and Mail," August 2003