Media praise for Mac OS X in a Nutshell

"You will find yourself pulling this book out frequently. I reach for this book before all others I have on OS X, so I keep it close by."
--Stephen Henry, North Coast Mac Users Group, February 2004

"If you can't trust a Mac OS X book written by a guy named McIntosh, who ya gonna trust? Bill Gates? There are lots of cutesy-poo books about Mac OS X and all of them are big, including 'Mac OS X in a Nutshell'...If you want the straight scoop on what's up with Mac OS X, this is the place to find it."
--Joe Farace, Shutterbug, December 2003

"In my opinion, it is a great book to add to any Mac user's library. It's a definite two thumbs up."
--Chris Henderson, Provo Linux Users Group, September 2003

"This is the book you'll want to consult when you already understand the basics of what you need to do, but cannot quite recall the specifics. It also provides a handy way to review what you know, to make sure you haven't missed anything major. And, lest you worry that 'terse' equates to less information--do not fear. At 800 pages, this book has plenty of 'thud factor.'"
--Vicki Brown, "MacTech," September 2003

"O'Reilly's 'OS X in a Nutshell' is an indispensable manual for anyone who needs to know the OS inside and out...Even though it touches on nearly all aspects of Mac OS X, it hones in on many of the areas where you'll probably be looking for the most help...It is full of features and tricks that are far from obvious and a number of which we haven't found anwhere else, In either case, this is one book you'll want to keep within arm's reach."
--Ric Getter, "MacDirectory," Fall 2003

"O'Reilly's 'Nutshell' series is a benchmark in desktop quick (and complete) references. If you have not seen any of these titles, have a browse next time you are in a bookshop...This important technical reference is an essentail resource for developers and anyone setting up a Mac OS X server and is a valuable source of information for those users who want to know more about technical aspects of OS X. Very well written and should not overwhelm readers without a technical background. A must for libraries with Mac OS X holdings."
--Major Keary, "AUSOM News," July 2003

"This could be a 'holy book' for the die-hard Apple Macintosh OS X user...From the cute-looking OS shell interface right down to the BSD underpinnings this book offers something for everybody, providing a good reference for the new Mac user and old hand alike."
--Darren Ingram, "M2 Best Books," June 2003

"Bottom line: Does the book provide the information and tools that a power user would want? Yes. Do I recommend 'Mac OS X In A Nutshell?' Yes. If you are a power user or wish to be, then this book is for you."
--Bobby Zamarron, Alaskan Apple Users Group, July 2003

"This book by Jason McIntosh, Chuck Toporek and Chris Stone is essential to all Mac OS X users. 5 stars."
--"Computer Shopper," July 2003

"This is an important technical reference that is an essential resource for developers and anyone setting up a Mac OS X server, and is a valuable reference for those users who want to know more about technical aspects of os x. Very well written and should not overwhelm readers who do not have a formal technical background."
--Major Keary, Book News, 2003 No. 4

"..if you're interested in getting into the Unix core of OSX and learning to exploit the power of the command line, or if you're a system administrator or software developer, this book should prove to be an invaluable resource and reference in O'Reilly's thoroughgoing tradition."--Charles W. Moore, Applelinks, March 2003