Media praise for Web Privacy with P3P

"The author, who is the chair of the P3P Working Group at the W3C, clearly knows her stuff. More importantly, she can convey her knowledge in a way that is clearly understandable to non-techies...P3P is growing in popularity and provides a good way for both Web site producers to inform users of their privacy policies and users to choose if the site conforms to his/her own privacy preferences. For anyone collecting user statistics from their web site, P3P makes good sense. Read this book to find out all you need to know about it."
--Deborah Lynne Wiley, "Online," June 2003

"If you are stuck with the hard task of coding your site for P3P, get a copy of Lorrie Cranor's book, 'Web Privacy with P3P,' published by O'Reilly & Associates Inc., This book will help you understand and code P3P. I recommend it highly."--Robert Gellman, "Government Computer News," March 10, 2003

" A must if you are working with P3P...Lorrie Cranor has provided a detailed history and did not skimp at all on giving developers plenty of information to work with. She created the definitive guide to P3P, which makes implementing good privacy practices on web sites easier and provides some good reading about internet privacy."
--Roy C. Hoobler,, Dec 13, 2002

"Technologists who enjoyed 'The Privacy Payoff' will undoubtedly be even more engaged by Dr. Lorrie Cranor's book 'Web Privacy with P3P'...a clear, concise description of the current state of privacy on the Internet and then discusses the technological tools that help individuals gain more control over their personal information."
--Ari Schwartz, Federal Computer Week, Nov 30, 2002