Media praise for Java Performance Tuning

"The very comprehensive nature of the book provides valuable information for all Java developers, and yet is helpful for just a quick understanding of particular Java issues. I enjoyed just reading through some of the chapters to confirm or enhance my understanding of particular execution characteristics."
-- Phil Bergstresser, Huntsville New Technology Users Group (HuNTUG)

"It's still a bit of a shock sometimes to realize how long Java has been around. Eight years is a long time in our industry--long enough for two generations of undergraduates to have it as a first language, and long enough for books about it to go into their second edition, which is a welcome thing, because by and large, only good books are updated and reprinted. Take Jack Shirazi's 'Java Performance Tuning,' for example. Shirazi is the driving force behind, a site devoted to making Java programs faster, smaller, and more efficient. As the book acknowledges, speed has always been Java's Achilles' Heel...'Java Performance Tuning' starts by asking a simple question: 'Why is it slow?' After presenting a simple strategy for methodological tuning, Shirazi looks at the tools programmers have (or can build) for collecting performance data, including timing and memory-usage profilers...I think everyone who is using Java in real-world applications will get a lot out of this book, and I expect to refer to it often."
--Gregory V. Wilson, Doctor Dobb's Journal, October 2003

"A solid and comprehensive guide offering plenty of examples and sample code in addition to the well-reasoned text, 'Java Performance Tuning' is an ideal and strongly recommended addition to any Java user's personal or professional reference collection."
--"The Bookwatch," May 2003

"Finalist, Best Java Book--2003 JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards"

"Like a race car mechanic trying to squeeze out a couple of extra MPH from a race car, the most fun in programming is to try squeeze out extra performance from some code. A book on performance tuning should understand that and make the topic fun. Reading this book it is clear that Jack Shirazi loves to tune code. He has done an incredible amount of detailed research on different JVMs to determine exactly how to make Java perform. But he is also practical. He explains how to find performance problems, which exact areas to concentrate on, and which areas to ignore. After reading this book you won't waste your time on areas of code that can't be easily optimized and instead you'll know how to concentrate on those places where you can get the most bang...'Java Performance Tuning' is a programmer's book. You are guaranteed to learn a lot of very neat and useful tricks. I doubt that there is another Java book on the market with as many 'WOW!' moments in it. Buy it and watch your code zoom."--Thomas Paul,, March 2003

"Performance tuning is a complicated subject and not for the faint hearted. This book had content and examples easier to understand than many other books I've read on the subject...Not all chapters will apply to your situation. But I bet you'll be able to use at least 2 chapters' performance tips, making the price of the book very worthwhile."
--Stephanie Smith, PlanoJava User Group, March 2003