Media praise for Oracle PL/SQL Programming

"With the significant enhancements of Oracle9i, PL/SQL continues to be a critical element of successful Oracle-based applications. Over the years, the brilliantly written book, Oracle PL/SQL Programming, has become the "PL/SQL bible" for developers around the world. This third edition is the best of them all. Steven Feuerstein and Bill Pribyl cover PL/SQL completely, including all the new Oracle9i features of PL/SQL, and provide even more real-world examples. This is a book that belongs in the library of every serious Oracle application developer."
--Ken Jacobs, Vice-President, Product Strategy, Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation

"I have a long history with Oracle PL/SQL Programming. I used the first edition to teach myself PL/SQL. I now lead the Data Warehouse Group at Children's Hospital Boston, and we use PL/SQL heavily in our development. The second edition has for years been our authoritative reference. I am glad to find that the third edition continues to communicate complex technical issues in an understandable, informative fashion. I have no doubt that Oracle PL/SQL Programming will figure prominently as a key resource in our development efforts for years to come."
--Jeanne Greeno, Data Warehouse Group, Children's Hospital Boston

"I would recommend it to anyone who needs a thorough introduction to PL/SQL, as well as a good reference book."
--Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, February 12, 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition:
"If you are new to PL/SQL, reading the book from beginning to end should improve your skill and understanding of the language. If you're a proficient developer you can use this book as a reference and skip to the appropriate section to extract information for immediate application."
--Julius Williams III, DFWUUG, Dec 2001