Media praise for Learning Visual Basic .NET

"Reliable O'Reilly continues its efficient trend with this tutorial on the 'next generation' programming language from the Visual Basic family. If you work with the .NET platform at any level, Liberty's clear prose style will give you a beyond-basics introduction to how you put together a large range of object-oriented programming structures."--Bookbytes, Dec 31, 2002

"Jesse Liberty writes like he's an old friend explaining the best way to change the oil in your car--just someone who wants things to go right for you. That makes him the ideal author of a book to introduce beginning programmers to the complexities of something like VB.NET...The genius of Jesse's books is that he has a sixth sense about what you want to see and know about. The most frustrating thing about technical books is that you so often run into little things that make you ask, 'Why is that there?' This is the most frustration-free book you are likely to find."
--Dan Mabbutt, Visual Basic Guide, Nov 2002