Media praise for Regular Expression Pocket Reference

"[Consumers] will find the fine 'pocket references' produced by O'Reilly to be compact and affordable."
-- James Cox, The Computer Shelf: Midwest Book Review

"The Regular Expression Pocket Reference is designed to be a quick reference tool, and it serves this purpose very well. I would recommend it especially for those who work with regular expressions intermittently or who work with several different implementations."
-G. Roush, review, July 2005

"Even though I use regular expressions quite a bit, I still find my self looking up syntax. This pocket reference is just what I need (sitting next to the monitor) to quickly look up syntax."
--Scott Hildreth, Chicago Perl Mongers, November 2003

"I totally love this little book! I love how the author cross-references with the Regular Expressions book; it makes getting into the gory details much easier. This book is perfect for people like me who are always forgetting the little details about regular expressions. If you program in Perl, PHP, Python, C or Java, I cant recommend this book enough! This book will definitely pay for itself quickly.", November 2003

"I've been programming with perl for seven years. I've always found it cumbersome trying to remember everything that regular expressions have to offer. Since I have purchased Regular Expression Pocket Reference I no longer have this problem. This book has been a tremendous help to me in utilizing the true power of regular expressions. The explanations and examples are exceptionally clear and easy to comprehend. The book has improved my programming capabilities while making my job easier. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is required to use regular expressions or to the newbie who wants to learn how.", September 2003

"If you need a desktop quick reference on regular expressions, then I would highly recommend this book."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, December 2003