Media praise for Windows XP Annoyances

"Karp...shows you ways to work around them and to fashion an environment that you like. Along the way, he even points out helpful features that you might not have noticed...I have paged through this book and seen dozens of changes I want to make to my system (probably not the Internet-enabled fish tank, though)...Don't be fooled by the title; this is a very useful book. If you use Windows XP, you need it."
--Richard Mateosian, IEEE, January-February 2003

"His book is designed to turn Windows XP into the user-friendly, customizable interface it was meant to be for you. I think it is especially helpful to those, like me, who have worked their way through the previous generations of Windows to get to this point of the Windows Evolution...This book talks to me and has already served me well."
--Dick Reaser, Tuscon Computer Society, April 2003

"If you are tired of waiting for a pesky splash screen to disappear so you can get to the program, frustrated about solving an error message, or unable to access a program with a single click, this book is for you. It will save you a number of dollar trips to the repair shop."
--Bettie C. Cook, SW Indiana PC Users Group, March 2003

"Perhaps you're like me-you either really like an author's writing style or you don't. I'm happy to say that I really enjoyed reading David Karp. It made everything else much more enjoyable...I have personally learned a lot from this book..."
--Thad Craig, Memphis PC Users Group, May 2003

"Although Windows XP brought some dramatic changes in Windows computing, numerous quirks and enigmatic settings can wear on a user's patience. XP users can find relief in this new book from the popular series for troubleshooting Windows by providing a thorough reference to the tools to customize and otherwise fix annoyances."--Office Solutions, April, 2003

"This is another excellent technical reference manual from O'Reilly. My partner claims it's the ugliest book cover image she's ever seen, and wanted me to finish reading it as soon as possible. But I found I was learning something useful on nearly every page. It's also very good value for money."--Roy Johnson,, Feb 2003

"Long-distance surgery on my father's XP installation 2000 miles away has cost me about $100 in phone bills over the past two months. I now know a lot more about XP than previously, but it would have been cheaper to buy the book...Choosing 'Windows XP Annoyances' is a case of pay now or pay later. Ask my Dad."
--Jack J. Woehr, Dr. Dobbs Journal, March 2003

"The Annoyances titles are the best Windows troubleshooting guides you are likely to find...a well-organised, practical discussion of solutions...Regardless of your level of experience, if you are running WinXP--or are thinking of installing it--this book is probably the best investment you can make. It has the potential to save countless hours of frustration, and puts the user in charge. And it is a good read."
--Major Kearny, Book News, Dec 2002

"Suffice it to say, I strongly recommend 'Windows XP Annoyances,' by David Karp, for users who wish to improve their XP skills."
--Dennis Schulman, Tampa Bay Computer Society, December 2002

"Every Windows XP owner should also own this book."--Joyce J. Evans, January 2003

"Fortunately, it is possible to work around some of the more annoying features of Windows XP, something power users in particular will appreciate. This workarounds for a number of annoying things in Windows XP. The book also provides an excellent guide to some of the more obscure features of the operating system."
--Netsurfer Digest, Nov 22, 2002

"The principal computer book of the month is by David A. Karp, 'Windows XP Annoyances,' O'Reilly. This is a truly important book, and like all the 'annoyances' books from O'Reilly addresses, documents, and gives fixes or work-arounds for literally hundreds of major and minor Windows XP problems. Tired of the 'personalizations' that are a 'feature' in Windows XP? Here?s how to turn them off. File deletion, Internet Connection Sharing, hundreds of other features and annoyances, all explained. If you run Windows XP or will have to, get this book. Highly recommended."
--Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, Nov 2002