Media praise for Practical C++ Programming

"I found this book, Practical C++ Programming, to be one of the finest technical books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. While its intent is to teach you how to program, and it does a wonderful job of this, it makes it interesting, and more than that, fun. By providing critical thinking problems throughout, including practice coding assignments, it doesn't just show you how to code, it makes you understand."
-- Danny Bowman, Edmonton Linux User Group

"'Practical C++ Programming' provides a thorough introduction to the basics of C++ including lots of pragmatic advice along the way. I would recommend this book to anyone with a working knowledge of any prior programming language (such as VB, Perl, or JavaScript) who wants to get started quickly on C++."
--Victor R. Volkman, "Windows::Developer Network," August 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"This book is perfect for beginning programmers and c programmers that are looking to move into C++. The book deals with real world problems and examples which makes everything a lot easier to understand and deal with. The book starts out nice and slow just teaching programming style, the c++ syntax, debugging, and always drives home the common programming mistakes...The book is great it has everything you need to learn C++ and then some, if you're a beginner it's a must have, even if you have some experience its still a must have."--Florian Hines, San Antonio Macromedia & ColdFusion UG, June 2002