Media praise for Programming Visual Basic .NET

"This is a master approach to the subject that rewards the initiate with a comprehensive, tactical knowledge of this powerful language."
--Harold Davis, North Bay Multimedia Association, July 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"clear, accurate, and carefully written."
--Dan Mabbut, Visual Basic Guide, Dec 2002

"Highly recommend it for software engineers, like me, who have a programming background (especially in Visual Basic) and wish to begin programming in Visual Basic .Net...It's an excellent reference book. It has good programming examples. It's particularly strong in its overview of the Visual Basic .Net language and the .Net framework."
--Karri Lamb, Central Maryland ASP Professionals, Dec 2002

"'Programming Visual Basic.NET' provides an excellent starting point for those eager to get started with VB.NET and the Microsoft.NET framework."
--, March 2002