Media praise for Word Pocket Guide

"Packed with information, this pocket guide is a condensed quick reference for all users who want to complete tasks faster, without having to plow through a thousand page tutorial."
--FPCUG (Fallbrook PC Users Group) Newsmagazine, Feb 2003

"These are so cute! These mini Pocket Guides from O'Reilly answer almost all the essential questions there are."--Stephen M.H. Braitman, BOOK BYTES, Jan.22, 2003

"Mobilmorphs should take note of O'Reilly's new Pocket Guide series...the solution for quick reference hits without the baggage. Don't bother lugging those six ton tomes when you can stuff the nitty gritty into your gadget bag. We really like Walter Glenn's book on Word and Derek Story's 'Digital Photography.' Keep your eye on this series"
--Derek Pell, DingBat Magazine, January 2003