Media praise for Google Hacks

"To anyone with more than a passing interest in Google, this book is not just helpful, it is essential!"
--John Joyce, "Scientific Computing & Instrumentation," June 2004

"'Google Hacks' is a true resource, offering a plethora of tips for successful researching...
With all of these features and the power that comes with them, 'Google Hacks' is definitely a book for anyone who researches on the Internet to keep within reach."
--Kyle Rankin, The Green Sheet, February 2004

"'Google Hacks' put me wise to 100 easily overlooked features and hidden functions...[These] ranged from simple tricks to super-hardcore developer resources--and it made me an instant fan."
--Andy Ihnatko, American Printer, March 2004

#1 Customer Favorite: Computers & Internet, Best of 2003, December 2003

#1 Editor's Pick: Computers & Internet, Best of 2003, December 2003

"I am a Search Engine Optimization Consultant myself and I must say that this book is really worth a buy and deserves a prime spot on your bookshelf...Overall a must read and a great publication from O'Reilly."
--Nakul Goyal, Chandigarh .NET User's Group (India), December 2003

"The $25 book bills itself as offering 100 'industrial-strength tips and tools' and can easily save beginner and techie alike time and frustration if they spend anywhere as much time with Google as yours truly...Bet you didn't know Google lets you quickly look up U.S. phone numbers (business and residential), stock quotes, even dictionary definitions... You can also do translations, check spelling and limit a search to a range of dates... try a Google hack that composes poetry. Another hack will give you a recipe to cook up all the odds and ends in your refrigerator. Had enough? I didn't. But I ran out of time. Oh, I guess I do have one complaint about this book. It's paper, so I can't google anything in it."
--Frank Bajack, Associated Press, April 2003

"Call it capitalist communitarianism: Some of the Net's biggest businesses have found a way to tap the open source model without giving away the store. The secret is a software protocol called an application program interface. An API is a published set of programming hooks that lets you interact directly with a company's open servers. In other words, you can mine company databases for free. A new series by tech publisher O'Reilly explains how to use APIs to extract information from Amazon, eBay, and Google. The best part: There's no need to consult your Perl manual - these books offer dozens of handy scripts to automate tasks such as searching archives, product listings, and auctions in progress. Exploiting APIs is not only legal, it's encouraged."
--Paul Boutin, Wired Magazine, December 2003

"'Google Hacks'... contains a wealth of tips and tools to enhance the Google searching experience."
--George M. Eberhart, "College & Research Libraries News," August 2003

"Think you know how to use the search engine Google? Think again. Unless you've read the recent book 'Google Hacks' by Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest, you probably haven't utilized the many tools, syntaxes, and special services Google offers."
--Jan Dempsey, "The Syracuse Post-Standard," June 2003

"Those first chapters are a gold mine of tips and tricks for using Google, and no matter how much I use this search engine, it seems like there's always something new and fun...Have fun with your Google searching, and check this book out for more advanced tips and tricks. These authors really know what they're doing."
--Susan Kinnell Carty, "Information Searcher," vol.14, no.1

"This books goes beyod googling, exposing the site's hidden power to every interested geek and power searcher...A sense of playfulness and excitement tempers the sometimes code-heavy sections; highly recommended for larger libaries."
--Rachel Singer Gordon, "Library Journal," June 2003

"Computer books from O'Reilly usually demand a fair amount of technical knowledge. But this one is an exception. Its subtitle is "100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools," and while all 100 of them aren't as useful or as easy as the phonebook example, many of them are...'Google Hacks' is worth your attention."
--Lee Dembart, "International Herald Tribune," April 2003

"...Google is richer than its Preferences menu suggests. Which is why Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest's 'Google Hacks' (O'Reilly, $24.95 ) is essential reading for Web searchers. Tweaking Google's preferences is only the first of its tips, and there are a hundred to work with. It's only July, but unless something improbable happens, I'll name this computer book of the year in December."
--Paul Gilster, "The News & Observer," July 2003

"'Google Hacks' is an excellent general reference for almost anyone. The experienced computer user and the brand new computer novice will both find something of value in the opening chapters of this book...'Google Hacks' is recommended reading for anyone who wants to get the most out of Internet searches."
--Bill Frazier,, July 2003

MCW Libraries' Book of the Month--July 2003

"Whether you are a regular Google user or a site owner or Web master that would like to drive as many users as possible from Google to your site, this is a book that you must read. It is very objective and so it is not too long. So, even if you do not have time of the patience to read it all from the beginning to the end, you may just jump directly to the hacks that interest you most and still make good use of the immense knowledge shared in this book."
--Manuel Lemos, PHP Developer's Network, July 2003

"Buy this book! Usually that kind of recommendation is left for the end of the review, but 'Google Hacks is so obviously valuable for anyone who uses that search engine for their web research, that I thought I should get that out of the way is a clearly written and formatted publication that is easy to read and fun to use."
--Michael B. Reddy, "Legal Information Alert," (Volume 22, Issue#6), Alert Publications, Inc., Chicago, IL,, June 2003

"Check out the new book 'Google Hacks,' by Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest (O'Reilly). It promises '100 industrial-strength tips and tools,' and is probably the most comprehensive well of Google information that you can get without actually taking a job at Silicon Valley?s most happening company."
--Simson Garfinkel, Technology Review, June 2003

"Use Google a little? Use Google a lot? Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest have published 'Google Hacks: 100 industrial Strength Tips and Tools,' a book that'll help you improve your searches or, if you're of a mind to do some coding, let you perform miracles...Honestly, if we'd had any idea that Google was this smart, powerful and adaptable, we'd have asked 'it' to run for mayor in 2001."
--"Time Out New York," April 2003

"'Google Hacks,' discloses a bag of tricks that will keep hard-core Google buffs tapping away well into the wee hours. Offering 100 inside tips (hacks), with snippets of computer code for some of them, authors Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest outline jazzy ways to jack up Google searches. Hacks inclue being able to order searches by date ranges, turning Google into a stock-tracking tool (stock:trb) and searching on just one site rather than the whole Web (such as 'greising;). Like eating potato chips, nobody's going to stop after sampling just one of these gems."
--James Coates, "Chicago Tribune," March 2003

"I had more 'aha!' moments reading 'Google Hacks' than almost any other Web how-to book in recent years. Admittedly, I'm a total data geek and enjoy nothing more than digging up interesting data on the Web. But even if you actually have a life, knowing how to get the most out of Google can instantly increase your effectiveness online. That's what 'Google Hacks' is about: no fluff, no hype, and no BS. Just simple, easy-to-read information that'll make you a better searcher right away. It's probably the best investment you can make this year to become a savvier Web marketer."
--Sean Carton, ClickZ Today, March 2003

"O'Reilly's volumes are famously geeky and some of the hacks described here are intended for serious programmers. But even a Google newbie will revel in the early chapters, filled with tips anyone can use."
--Hiawatha Bray, "Boston Globe," April 2003

" may have become the most popular search engine on the Internet. But not one person in a thousand understands the power that lies just beneath the surface of Google's interface. That's what revealed in 'Google Hacks,' a new book by Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest. The co-authors describe in detail 100 tricks you can use to improve the results you get from the Net's most-trafficked engine."
--Brian Livingston, Info World, April 2003

"Programmers and webmasters who want to work with Google and exploit its results will find a wealth of material in this book. Simple Web searchers will also learn to save time and get the most precise results from Google searches. The section on search syntax and the tips for getting the right results are worth far more than the cost of this book in the amount of time you can save and the quality of results you'll get from Google. This is a valuable book, full of useful tips, and one that will enhance anyone's use of Google."
--Kirk McElhearn, About This Particular Macintosh, May 2003

"The writing is very clear, non technical and well explained, with step-by-step guidelines... Highly recommended for the novice, like me, or the advanced computer geek."--Jocelyn Paine, Alaskan Apple Users Group, May 2003

"There's good advice here for casual users, researchers, developers and web masters--in other words everybody who is likely to want to use Google in one way or another... this is an engaging, useful and enjoyable read. If you Google seriously then this is for you. As a regular user - and I admit that Google is my home page too - I was sure that I had well-honed searching skills. Wrong. Some of the hacks listed in the first of eight chapters are worth their weight in gold. Sorting the wheat from the chaff suddenly seems a whole lot easier. "

"Last time around, I reviewed 'Linux Server Hacks' and mentioned that I had high hopes for the next book in the series. 'Google Hacks,' that next book, managed to exceed my expectations. This book provided all kinds of cool (and useful) information for people wanting to make better use of Google...Eight stars."
--Pat Eyler, Linux Journal, May 2003

"The book offers a variety of interesting ways for power users to mine the enormous amount of information that Google has access to, and helps you have fun while doing it...All these advanced search strategies make this an invaluable resource for librarians, information engineers, and any serious researchers. No wonder the first printing sold out immediately."--Roy Johnson,, May 2003

"While I thought of myself as someone quite adept at using the search engine, upon opening 'Google Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools,' I quickly realized I had only scratched the surface of what Google is capable of...'Google Hacks' is an enjoyable read for those new to the Internet, and those who have used it since ARPANET. The wealth of information contained within the book is well written and leads readers to some of the cooler ways of leveraging Google for things other than keyword searches."
--Wayne Graham, Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, April 2003

"'Google Hacks'...advertises and delivers '100 industrial-strength tips and tools.' These are hacks in the original sense of the word-clever programming tricks, shortcuts, and inside information. Nothing here is illegal or improper, and the book has been blessed by the Google engineering team...Even if you don't use the API, there's a wealth of knowledge in this book-enough to raise you from a proficient searcher to a Google demigod."
--Bill Machrone, PC Magazine,4149,1043220,00.asp

"'Google Hacks' is chock-full of useful tips, advice, information--and, yes, actual hacks. If you've ever felt like you wanted to know more about Google, how it works, and how to take advantage of it, either as a regular user or as a webmaster or programmer, then this book will be a worthy addition to your library of computer books."
--Pierre Igot,, May 2003

"...if you use Google, and have never got beyond refining your search phrases (yeah, yeah--me too) then this book will open your eyes to all sorts of ways in which Google can be used more effectively."--M Station

"Would you like to increase the effectiveness of your research by finding more relevant information and spending less time looking for it? Then pick up a copy of 'Google Hacks: 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools' by Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest (O'Reilly, ISBN 0-596-00447-8, 330 pages, $24.95). As you'll soon learn, the real trick is knowing how to uncover the wealth of information that Google offers."
--Lynda E. Burgiss, Connections, April 2003

"Excellent. This book is a marvelous compendium of tips and tricks for Google, ranging from simple ways of getting the search results you want, through using Google's newer services such as phone books and image search, all the way to advanced ways of using scrapers and the Google API... essential reading for Google users--in the two days I've had this book these have proved invaluable. The rest are for those who are either looking for extremely advanced search tips, increasing their web site's Google page rank, or programming an application to use the Google data--all topics well covered in this volume."--Tony Williams,, March 2003

"'Google Hacks' is an awesome book for both fans and critics of Google. For those of you who already are believers, the book will provide further supporting evidence and help you to gain even greater confidence in the future of the tool. For the skeptics, it you give some of the hacks a test and try to use them in your own work and life, you may end up joining our ranks. The knowledge, wit, and real life value that the authors and contributors have carefully included in 'Google Hacks' have made this book much more valuable than the average techie book...Buy the book, read it, and I guarantee that you will enjoy your way through at least a handful of Google hacks that will make your day!"
--Michael K. Kato, Tokyo PC Users Group, July 2003

"This is a wonderful book which truly has 'something for everyone'--everyone, that is, who is interested in doing effective, efficient searching for information on the Internet. It has simple tricks and tips for casual searchers, advice on using Google's syntax for serious researchers, Perl scripts for advanced users, and information about the Google API."
--Mary Ginsburg, The New York Personal Computer User Group, June 2003

"These are terrific, hands-on tips for ferreting out information in clever ways. The value of these hacks goes beyond the pragmatic--they also offer revealing insight into the mindset and thought processes used by a highly capable searcher. Studying these hacks is an excellent way to sharpen your own searching skills...a useful and eminently readable guide to one of the web's most popular search engines."
--Chris Sherman, Search Engine Watch, May 2003

"If you want to learn how to exploit Google searching, or want to add Google search features to your web site, 'Google Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools' is a good place to begin the learning process. While more detailed information can be found online (if you know where to look!) having the basics collated into a single book of such consistent quality is not only an inspiration but a real timesaver.", June 2003

"I've been using 'Google Hacks' for creative work for the past few weeks, and have found the book of tremendous value...I'd suggest for everyone to give it a try (as well as learning a bit of Perl and programming--although neither is necessary to use it)--at least check it out through theO'Reilly site. A final note - a plug for O'Reilly in general. If you haven't explored their publications, you're missing what are probably the most intelligent computer-oriented books around."
--Alan Sondheim, Cyberculture, June 2003

"It ['Google Hacks'] catalogs ways to uncover nuggets of information. Although a large part of the book is intended for programmers who adapt Google's search services for their own web sites, there is much in it for everyday users."
--Lisa Guernsey, "New York Times," August 2003

"What's amazing about this book is the amount of ground it covers. You learn how to use language tools, understand search results, choose the right search words in the best order, hack Google URLs and search forms, finding weblog commentary, and a lot more...this exceptional book will show you things you didn't know were possible. The best thing is that you can go online anytime and try out stuff while reading the book. Since the Internet is developing and growing quite rapidly, the audience of this book is basically everyone."
--Mirko Zorz, Help Net Security, September 2003

"['Google Hacks'] offers an insight into the workings of a search engine--something that is hard to find in web literature. Apart from how to take advantage of Google's features, it also explains how to get around Google's weaknesses...Regardless of level of expertise and scripting knowledge (or lack of it), this well-written book makes for pleasant informative browsing."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," August 2003

"Calishain and Dornfest present '100 industrial-strength tips and tools' to unearth the gems hidden within the Google mine. The book is neatly organized into eight chapters with about a dozen or so tips in each chapter...'Google Hacks' follows in the O'Reilly tradition of being a compact book with reader-friendly design. Thermometer icons, for example, are used to indicate the relative complexity of the 100 hacks detailed in the book. Calishain and Dornfest have done a good job, in the words of a library school professor of mine, at looking under the hood and noodling around inside the engine called Google."
--Russ Singletary, FreePint, July 2003

"'Google Hacks' is a tool for hacking the new, networked reality. Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest show us how to make good use of the things that we find (like the Wombles), how to find out what we need to know, and most important of all, how to build entirely new artifacts using the raw material provided by Google...There are exactly 100 hacks: specific, clearly worked examples of ways to take advantage of Google's openness and achieve concrete results. Some projects are useful, some are intriguing, and some are just playful."
--Steve Bowbrick, Guardian Unlimited, April 2003,12449,927436,00.html