Media praise for Mac OS X Hints

"As it turns out, Mac OS X harbors just as many delicious secrets as any sys- tem that came before. You just have to know where to find them. And Mac OS X Hints: Jaguar Edition is the guide you need. Inside, you?ll find 560 high-octane secrets in every conceivable category: With authority, humor, and 440 illustrations, Mac OS X Hints: Jaguar Edition brings you insight, surprise, and delight at every turn. And that, after all, is what the Mac is all about."
--Sid Pevear, Macintosh Chico User Group, September 2003

"Overall I had so many 'Ah-haas' and 'I gotta try that!' experiences with
this book that after I had finished reading, I realized I had dog-eared
almost every other page! This one¹s highly recommended if you¹re a tips and
tricks addict like me!"
--Brian Weber, Southern WI Macintosh Computer Society, September 2003

"'Mac OS X Hints, Jaguar Edition' provides 560 tips on everything from the Destop and Finder to Unicode, to popular third party applications. For those interested in the Unix command line, the book devotes two chapters (and 100 [ages) to the terminal, shell, and other Unix hints."
--Vicki Brown, "MacTech," September 2003

"Each hint is a stand-alone item with all the information necessary to use it. The style is not terse, but there are no hand-holding explanations. That is not to suggest the language is overly technical or difficult. To the contrary, the writing is of an excellent standard. Information is well organized with a good index and a most comprehensive table of contents...[This book] is of particular value to users who want to master the OS X terminal."
--Major Keary, AUSOM News, September 2003

"Published by Pogue Press and O'Reilly, featuring 500 of the most amazing power tips for OS X...this invaluable book brings together some of the best hints ever for getting more from OS X."
--"MacFormat," September 2003

"Every new operating system is something of a puzzle at first and often longer. This one for Mac users teaches them how to unlock 32,000 secret unicode symbols in each type font, add an 'email this page' button to Safari, burn six hours of music into a single CD, and hundreds of other tricks and tips."
--Bob Schwabach, On Computers, June 2003

"This book from Pogue Press/O'Reilly is another gem...Excellent."
--Space Port Users Group, August 2003

"Great things come in small packages. This is a worthy description of 'Mac OS X Hints: Jaguar Edition' by Rob Griffiths. He writes about the over five hundred powertips in tight, succinct and easily understandable style. This easy to read style allows both the novice and expert to expand their appreciation of the versatility of the OS X system...'OS X Hints' makes any Macintosh user discover the joys of geekdom while showing it on the world's most advanced and innovated operating system."
--Brad Hoffman, Macintosh Business Users Society, July 2003

"'Mac OS X Hints' is an enjoyable and very highly recommended supplementary resource for Mac OS X users."
--Bookwatch, July 2003

"Rob Griffiths' new 'Mac OS X Hints Jaguar Edition: The 500 Most Amazing Power Tips,' which just happens to be edited and co-published by David Pogue, carries on the tradition of the 'Mac Secrets' tomes, delivering more than it advertises (there are actually 560 tips included) in a book that will help the neophyte OS X user become more proficient, and help turn proficient users into power users."
--Charles W. Moore, Applelinks, June 2003

"I knew from his macosxhints web site Rob Griffiths was an honest, hard working, modest, and generous guy with an eye for quality and esthetics...I didn't know until I read 'Mac OS X Hints.' the book, that he was a literary genius... The writing is entertaining while the hints are novel and valuable...I've just placed an Amazon order of a dozen copies for my family and closest (geographically) friends. If you're not among them get your own copy. You won't be disappointed."
--Lower East Side Mac Unix Users Group, June 2003