Media praise for Mac OS X Pocket Guide

"It doesn’t matter what your computer skill level is, this handbook will show you what you need to get moving in the OS X fast lane."
--Sean Alexandre, Bishop Eastern Sierra Macintosh User Group, June 2003

"A very good roadmap through the latest version of the Mac operating system...I highly recommend it for your reference library. With its small size you can easily keep it on your desk, or slip it in a desk drawer. It retails for $14.95; not too bad, considering you can spend over 60 on many reference books today."
--Rodney Broder, Mactechnics, March 2003

"If you have made the switch or are considering making a move to Jaguar 10.2, Apple's newest Operating System, then some reading material may be in order. Not that OS X is hard to learn or use, Jaguar is just different than any other Operating System and a good manual will help ease you through the transition of becoming comfortable with this wonderful and exciting OS. 'Mac OS X Pocket Guide 2nd Edition' would be a first-rate pick for this. It is a small book in length, only 130 pages and has a handy size of approximately 4 x 7 inches. It is also full of tips shortcuts, and how-to information on OS X. This goes to show that bigger is not always better."
--Clyde Odom, Alaskan Apple Users Group, Jan 2003

"This book will live right next to my 'jaguar-ized' computer...Early in the book, Toporek illustrates how to acclimate quickly to the new environment...The book is richly illustrated, replete with tables, screen shots, hints and illustrations. These allow you to determine what/how to do in OS X the many tasks that were once 'routine and easy' from whatever system you've switched from...Reviewing this book not only 'enlightened' me, but the reading was to my surprise, a pleasure. That despite the fact that I came to it prejudiced against the new OS. The 150 page 'Pocket-Guide' level book provides a straight-to-the-point 'primer' on working Mac OS X. The well-organized chapters and sections; clear and mostly easy to understand narratives and tables are to-the-point and the inter-dispersed notes and even the Unix tutorials seem focused and well written...This well written, exhaustively indexed, little guide book is Highly recommended to anyone who is about to or recently switched to OS X. It makes for a fine computer accessory, until you are comfortable in the new OS X environment. The 'Mac OS X Pocket Guide' is a useful, no-nonsense guide that provides the straight-forward information to technically-inclined individuals who need to orient themselves to OS X. But, newbies, reaching your desired comfort level with this new MOS will take a bit more time. You'll likely be wearing out a copy or two on your way to OS X mastery. Remember, this book is not just about help. Relax, thumb through it and you'll pick up tidbits that you hadn't noted previously, making your journey on the 'Ten Fold Way of Macintosh,' more rewarding. I deem this a must buy, even for experienced OS X users--at under $15, it's a steal!"
--Harry (doc) Babad,, Feb 2003

"These are so cute! These mini Pocket Guides from O'Reilly answer almost all the essential questions... anyone with even minimal experience at Mac OS systems, old or new, will be using these handy guides often....{Toporek's} got about 10 pages on basic Unix commands, for example, a subject I always start to glaze over when it comes up. But he gives the skinny with a clarity I could understand, and now I'm practically ready to be a superuser."
--Stephen M.H. Braitman, BOOK BYTES, Jan.22, 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition

"All in all, this little guide book is HIGHLY recommended to anyone who is about to switch to OS X (the sooner the better?there's no escaping it!), or recently did. It makes for a fine travel companion until you are comfortable in the new OS X environment."
--Ludwig Laab, Alaska Apple Users Group, Oct 2002

"The 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference' is a well written book that gives a good overview of the basic functionality of Mac OS X. Although a bit too large to really fit in a pocket, it is quite small and nevertheless provides quite a bit of interesting information, no matter what your background is. The only exception is maybe when you're a long time Mac OS X (or Classic Mac OS and Unix) user, in which case you wont learn very much you can't easily figure out on your own."
--Jonas Maebe, Zeus Werkgroep Informatica, Oct 2002

"This small volume, which really does fit into a pocket, serves as a quick reference guide to OS X for Mac...a useful, no-nonsense guide that provides the information a technically-inclined person needs to orient himself or herself to OX X."
--Elsa Travisano, Newsbreak, Nov 2002

"You'll find yourself dipping into the index or scanning the contents, and then flipping to the page you need. For what this book is meant to do, this works very well, and Toporek has clearly given a lot of thought to his readers and how the different ways they might be coming to OS X..."
--Dr. Neale Monks, Applelust, Nov 2002

"O'Reilly's new 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference' hits a home run right out of the stadium! Yes, Missing Manuals are good. As are Little Books, Bibles and Inside books. However few of those tomes fit your pocket, purse, or brief case as beautifully as this little gem does! It's an essential quick-reference on OS X that all new users will use at least several times on the very first day it arrives. Not only does it contain all the really essential commands and keys, it includes basic Unix command info, printer, modem configurations, and a host of other important help one may need while at the desk or on the road. Add a user, remove a user, tune the dock, correct OS preferences, log in, log out, change passwords, and do just about anything the unfriendly new OS requires you to do. I actually like it better than the frustrating online guide help. It is well organized, has a good table of contents and index, and is designed with a simple, easy to understand format. But it's not just about help. Just thumbing through it you'll pick up tips that you hadn't thought of before. (Like building and using the powerful locate database!) It's a great little book, fits nicely in the brief case for travel and gives you the support you need when you need it. Yes, I bought David Pogue's 'Missing OS X Manual' for the kids and at home. I bought Robin William's wonderful 'Little OS X Book' to send off to college with my son. But this's in MY brief case all the time. Although the Designer's Bookshelf concentrates on books in the visual communications fields, the 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference' caught all our Mac User's fancy and won itself a place in the Editor's Choice Circle for July 2002."

"Contains tons of useful tips...more so by ounce than any other Mac OSX book I have."--Jack Dolby, Club Mac of Hampton, August 2002

"I love this book! Just couldn't put it down until I was able to finish it and glean all those wonderful nuggets it held. It is such a pleasure to read a How-To book that can provide me with no nonsense, straight to the point details covering the whole realm of getting into and working with my Mac OS X...any person who has used or is new to using the Mac OS X will need to place this pocketbook on their must have list. Keep it right next to your computer as you will refer to it over and over again."
--Roger Lakner, Peninsula Apple Users Group, September 2002

"the ultimate guide to newcomers to Mac OS X.."--The First Coast Mac, July 2002

"I have wasted a lot of personal time and effort in early endeavors to gather the emerging, needed facts on this new system, and this timely little paperback is the best bargain I am aware of."--Bill Bankston, The Peel, July 2002

"The 'Max OS X Pocket Reference' caught all our Mac User's fancy and won itself a place in the Editor's Choice Circle for
July 2002."--Design- Bookshelf, July 2002

"Don't take this book's size for minimal's 'mucho content at a mini size.' This book contains everything Mac OS X under the sun - except for, maybe, the secret 'fsck' disk repair command...Rating: 93% A successful attempt at creating a pocket-sized reference book for Mac OS X users."
--The AquaticMac, 5 June 2002

"In some respects, writing a small reference book about a topic as complex as Mac OS X is more of a challenge than writing a doorstop-sized tome. Figuring out what can be safely left out is the trick. Chuck Toporek, the Macintosh editor at O'Reilly & Associates Inc., has tackled the job with his new 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference: A User's Guide to Mac OS X' which, at 103 pages plus index, is the slimmest OS X volume I've reviewed here. However, Chuck has managed to pack an amazing amount of useful information into a book that really will fit in your trousers back pocket (I just tried it). If you're not into reading lengthy and detailed manuals, but still need some help with OS X from time to time, this book is for delivers 'Mac OS X Pocket Reference' delivers on what it's advertised to do and sells for a modest $12.95. As is typical of O'Reilly books, the design, layout, and organization of the book are first-rate."
--Charles W. Moore, Applelinks, May 24, 2002