Media praise for Mac OS X Hacks

"'Mac OS X Hacks' feels like a book that's truly native to its subject: not a Unix book, and clearly not a book from OS 9 days, but made for the new Mac universe...One of the best features of 'Mac OS X Hacks' is that many of the tips are potentially useful for just about anybody running OS X. There's a tip on backing up, another on getting rid of files in the trash that don't want to leave or CDs that don't want to eject, and one on how to share your Internet connection. Although it's likely that most people buying a book with 'Hacks' in the title are ready for advanced topics, these everyday tips are generally useful and can be passed on to the less technically savvy folks who depend on you for support...This book does a good job of avoiding becoming a complete Unix-fest, but there are a lot of useful Unix-based hacks...The test of most 'tips & tricks' books is in their practicality. The contents should be fun and interesting, but if they're useful too, the book is a success. 'Mac OS X Hacks' does an excellent job of delivering a solid package of topics that are interesting and useful."
--Scott Knaster, "MacTech," August 2003

"The book contains useful advice on problem solving (advice that does not necessarily require any special knowledge)...Within the hacks there is a wealth of information about online sources...An essential resource for those who fancy themselves as power users, and an invaluable reference for anyone who mans a Mac OS X help desk or provides assistance to fellow users."
--Major Keary, "AUSOM News," July 2003

"What we have here are a great number of really fine methods to roll your sleeves up and make the Mac work hard...Not only does this book show you what you need, it walks you through the steps."
--Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post, 6/4/2003

"'Mac OS X Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools' by Rael Dornfest and Kevin Hemenway is a great cookbook for getting started...The bulk of the hacks are fairly quick and easy tips and tricks. But there are also a few rather complex hacks, including how to load and run Linux on your the OS itself, it can be a lot of fun to play with."
--Ric Getter, "MacDirectory," Fall 2003

"This should quickly become an essential guide to anyone who wants more power out of their computer, and more efficient ways to do repetitive chores...There's plenty of fun stuff here, but serious business and creative production answers take charge."
--North Bay Multimedia Association, April 2003

"This book is a must have for serious Mac OS X users. The hacks cover every aspect of daily OS X use and introduce many advanced Unix topics to the Unix newbies...this book is a gem."
--Jason Scott Gessner, Chicago Perl Mongers, April 2003

"This book is a compendium of Mac OS X hacks in the old sense of the word: tips, tricks, and tools which do all sorts of neat things. The collection is aimed firmly at a user who approaches his Mac from the point of view of a sysadmin...The book will appeal mostly to people want to do more than just edit words or graphics, who want to be power users of OS X."--"Netserfer Digest," Apr 4, 2003

"'Mac OS X Hacks,' written by Rael Dornfest and Kevin Hemenway, contains an even 100 tips, tricks, and scripts developed by Mac OS X power users and Unix hackers. Each hack can be ready through in a few minutes, and this compilation provides a cornucopia of hands-on solutions that can be applied by either first-time or longtime users, and is targeted at everyone from home users to Corporate IT personnel and anyone in between who has a hankering to get more out of OS X...There is plenty of interesting and useful stuff in this book, and if you are the type of Mac user who likes to proverbially dive under the hood and get your hands dirty, you will find that it more than justifies its modest $24.95 price tag."
--Charles Moore, Applelinks, May 2, 2003

"Every so often I see something jaw-dropping yummy... Such a phrase can also describe the reader's experience with a book from O'Reilly entitled 'Mac OS X Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools.'"
--Terry Pollard, South Mississippi Mac User Group, May 2003

"'Mac OS X Hacks' stuffed full of very useful suggestions to improve your OS X skills...The varying range of hack sophistication and difficulty is one of the best aspects of this book: you can start with the easy tips, move on to the moderate tricks, and hope someday you'll be geeky enough to work the magic of the most exotic Unix-based feats of skill and daring...'Mac OS X Hacks' is a book you can live with for a long time...MacMice Rating: 5 out of 5."
--David Weeks,, 4/29/03

"Finally--a publisher that understands 'hack' isn't a bad word. This book is just a collection of damn cool things. I'm the kind of guy who looks for all the sidenotes and tips in computer books because usually I don't have time to read 500+ pages of stuff I already half know. I just want the meat...The nugget...The hacks...This book is simply a collection of the 'good stuff' that's in other OS X books. What is amazing is that this book is nearly 400 pages (and it's all the good stuff)...If you're a power user, this book is invaluable. It's been either on my desk, or on the bookshelf right next to my desk ever since the UPS man came. I write a weekly power user column and I'm going to admit it here in public--this book has made my job easy."
--Jonathan Gales, Editor and Webmaster,