Media praise for Linux Server Hacks

"Books full of tips can become outdated quickly, but if you administer Linux this is a book you should dip into initially and return to when specific situations arise. Definitely one for the bookshelf."
Rating: 4 stars
--Computer Shopper, March 2004

"This book is perfect for anyone running a Linux server at home, or anyone searching for the happy medium between deity and janitor in the office. Flickenger provides you with techniques on how to manipulate your server and key elements that enable you to become a successful system engineer. Most importantly, this book will teach you how to implement and create effective hacks by increasing your ability to solve problems, while decreasing your effort."
--Matt Brent,, February 2004

"For a book intended for hackers and geeks, Linux Server Hacks is remarkably well written. This is a refreshing change from most geek-oriented books, many of which are tediously dull...One sure sign that you are getting candid, professional advice is when the author points you to books and resources other than those produced or owned by the publisher, as Flickenger does a number of times in this book....It's a small point, perhaps, but one that speaks volumes about the author's true intentions...Strongly recommended."
--S. Patrick Eaton, Tokyo PC Users Group, January 2004

"We therefore recommend 'Linux Server Hacks' as a utility...Its tone and the wide range of topics encourage an exploratory spirit and a respect for lateral thinking not found in many technical books."
--Michael Hall,, January 2004

"Within minutes of reading the book I was starting to implement some changes on my systems. This book was quite inspiring, mainly because the authors were able to convey the message in a straight-forward and easy to read manner. Rather than have to wade through a voluminous text, you can get right to the heart of the matter and move on with your work day...If you are on a budget you will probably appreciate the price tag, $24.95 US or $38.95 CDN, which makes the book an excellent value in an era of over-priced technical books. I give the book 4.5 W?s out of 5."
--Daniel Christle,, November 2003

"'Linux Server Hacks' by Rob Flickenger contains 100 of the best tricks out there...indispensable to any Linux admin, seasoned or not."
--Matt Luettgen, Kansas City Linux User Group, November 2003

"'Linux Server Hacks' blew me away in the first chapter!..I would recommend 'Linux Server Hacks' to anyone who is or wants to be a Linux administrator. If you are new to that position, you will become good at it much faster with this book. Experienced administrators will already know some of the hacks, but I'll bet that they still find plenty of tips they haven't used before. It is a book I will keep on the shelf beside my workstation."
--Gil Hennon, Memphis PC User?s Group, October 2003

"For those wanting to broad their administration horizons, O'Reilly's 'Linux Server Hacks' should come quite handy...All the massive Linux bibles contain a variety of topics, but nothing so special/complicated like the thing you would like to do. 'Linux Server Hacks' contains just that kind of tips--the ones that will help you to become even more productive (from the admin's point of view), to optimize the time you spend in the terminal and to become a better administrator altogether. The thing I like about the book, is that on one place you can find a number of useful commands, scripts and ideas, that would either power up your administration skills, or even make you brain storm resulting in combining a couple of hacks for your purposes...The bottom line is that the author created a successful Linux server administration cookbook containing 100 'recipes' that any administrator should taste."
--Berislav Kucan, Help Net Security, September 2003

"'Linux Server Hacks' is a cut above the average technical book. The book is an absolute must-have for any Linux system administrator or hard-core Linux user. Weighing in at 240 pages, the book is a chock full of useful tips and tricks for using CVS, SSH, doing backups, monitoring your server, and a slew of other tasks that every system admininstrator has to deal with. There are 100 'hacks' in all, and some of them are worth the price of the book alone."
--Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier, "Linux Magazine," August 2003

"All the chapters have wonderful material in them...I must recommend this handy little book. It's small enough and therefore inexpensive enough to pick up. I was pleasantly surprised at just how much bang from my sysadmin buck I've gotten out of 'Linux Server Hacks.'"
--Scott Harney, The New Orleans Linux User's Group, August 2003

"It contains tips helpful to novice and veteran Linux hackers alike. The most useful hacks explain how to fine-tune IDE drive parameters and introduce pax, a portable archiving tool--almost every hack provides at least a modicum of enlightenment."
--Warren Keuffel, "Software Development," July 2003

"Hacks are broken down into common tasks, such as server basics (speeding up compiles) or monitoring (What's holding that port open?). Each tip explains why and how it can help maintain server efficiency or solve common problems, with a welcome balance of humor and practicality. Highly recommended."
--Rachel Singer Gordon, "Library Journal," May 2003

"If you've worn the sysadmin hat for any amount of time you're sure to find yourself chuckling often as you peruse the pages. Beyond the humor, however is a lot of helpful knowledge. Flickenger knows his stuff, and we get to be the lucky beneficiaries of that knowledge. It's this combination of laughs and 'Oh, cool!' moments that make the book so enjoyable to read...Written by a sysadmin, for sysadmins, Linux Server Hacks makes a great bathroom book for any geek on your gift list. Overall rating: 9/10"
--Dan Hanks, Provo Linux Users Group, April 2003

"'Linux Server Hacks' puts on paper a toolbox that can save any administrator time and headaches on their next project. Over the past 6 years, I have worked on many projects and have had to custome craft the solutions to all sorts of situations. On tmy first read of 'Linux Server Hacks,' I found myself saying over and over again: 'I've done that,' or 'That's a neat way of doing it,' or 'Oh, that's what i should have done.' Now, after several times through, what I have learned is that this book saves me time--and should be kept close by."
--Frank Colson, Salt Lake Linux Users Group, April 2003

"Do you have the Hacker attitude and need a methodology to use elegant solutions in a challenging situation? If you have important administrative tasks to do, this is the book! Rob Flickenger shares trade secrets in an educational, entertaining way, All for 25 USD!...this book is a must."
-Andre Proulx, YUL GNU/Linux User Group, March 2003

"In short, even if you don't have a Linux server around to 'hack' on, this is a useful book for any Unix system administrator who wants to know how to get critical tasks done quickly, and make day-to-day maintenance easier."
--Bill Bradford, Sunhelp news, March 2003

"Those who love Unix (and Unix-inspired operating systems) will surely adore 'Linux Server Hacks' by Rob Flickenger. For decades, a mysterious sect of bearded wizards has dominated the inner sanctums of our network infrastructures, inspiring the awe of onlookers by crafting clever scripts and piping output in ingenious ways most of us never even thought of. This small but marvelous book attempts to steer apprentice wizards in the noble direction of clever system administration, with examples taken from experience in O'Reilly's own LAMP networks...For someone already familiar with the basics, 'Linux Server Hacks' is a fun way to spend an afternoon tinkering with Linux machines. Truly expert administrators may find very little new information in this book, but the sheer number of tips (and breadth of topics) would make it difficult not to learn at least a couple of shortcuts...and that makes it a worthwhile read for anybody."
--Eater,, March 2003

" indispensable time-saver if you have a Linux box."
--Netsurfer Digest, February 2003

"Do not let the small size of this book fool you, it is packed with more goodies and useful tips and tricks than a four pound book. With the focus being on individual hacks, and not a lot of theory, the book is nearly all meat, and very little bread. This book is a must-have for any serious Linux hacker/administrator. Think of it like a swiss army knife for your server maintenance and improvement. Indeed, this little gem's hacks provide fertile ground for you to take a hack, twist it, fold it, mutilate and splindle it until it does something new, or something better."
--Bill Anderson, Linux in Boise Club, February 2003

"When this book arrived at my door, I was really excited. By page ten I was beginning to think 'Damn this is a really good book.' While this is geared for the sys admin, general users could still learn from its examples. This book is very thin, but don't let that fool you. It's 100% meat, not fat or fluff here. (If you're a vegetarian, this is a fresh garden salad!) With 100 tips broken down into eight categories, it makes this book a quick fix for some of the daily problems that can arise. The cross reference between hacks is also appreciated."
--Kenneth Wilcox, Boise Software Developers Group, February 2003

"The Linux book, 'Linux Server Hacks,' tips the scales at a mere 220 pages, but has more content for the adventurous mind than many a book of twice the length or more."
--"John Bollinger's Capital Growth Letter"

"It looked interesting so I started browsing through it. Two months later it is getting the worn look of a book that is used often...Useful is an understatement. Admin'ing my servers has gotten considerably easier each time I crack this book open. If I were to lose this copy I would rush out and buy another directly. Highly recommended for those responsible for server(s)."
--Ken Dyke, Bozeman Linux User Group

"This book should never leave the vicinity of the keyboard. The small and handy book (approx 200 pages) saved me some hours hacking already. The level varied between beginner and intermediate sysadmin. It is also a good book for starters to actually see the (often hidden) power in a Lnux box. One last point is that most of the book does not rely on a particular Linux distro, which is good."
--Rudi van Drunen, Wireless Leiden

"...all sections are packed with useful bits and pieces. This book has lots of things going for it, being small and so easily browseable. I particularly like the way that most of the tips involve fairly standard bits that you will already have kicking around as part of your installation. It really shows off the 'Unix way' of using the available tools in combinations to achieve your aims."
--Kevin Taylor, Northampton Linux User Group

"In the few moments that my eyes glanced over its pages, I thought to myself: 'This is just the kind of thing that I spent the entire evening before googling my brains over.'"
--Alex Genna, The Linux Society at New York Personal Computer User Group