Media praise for Head First Java

"As with any good teacher, this O’Reilly series attacks the material from a variety of angles. If you know it, or you’re a quick learner, you can breeze right through. If you’re like me, they try everything possible to make things comprehensible."
-- Dana Blankenhorn, Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney,

"Unlike just about every other book on the market, HFJ keeps you interested, it keeps you focused and on the edge of your seat. It presents its content in multiple ways; textual, graphical, conversational, comical, anicdotal, and it gives you examples, exercises, crossword puzzles and silly captioned photographs, which while they may not be relevant, are damn funny. Forget your boring text-upon-text foreign manuals that had you pounding your head off of the nearest wall, this is how learning should be!"
--Barry McGann,, April 2005

"If you're relatively new to programming and you are interested in Java, here's your book...Covering everything from objects to creating graphical user interfaces (GUI), exception (error) handling to networking (sockets) and multithreading, even packaging up your pile of classes into one installation file, this book is quite complete...If you like the style...I'm certain you'll love the book and, like me, hope that the Head First series will expand to many other subjects!", May 2004

"I'm absolutely loving the book, in fact when I have to pull out other references or go to study other topics :: cough... .NET cough :: I find my eyes are glazing over with boredom these days. I'm now ruined for other tech books Learning this way has been immensely helpful though, I find myself doing a lot of drawing in the margins of my other reference books now, and not going through only one text book at a time. I've started picking out a concept and reading it from several sources, and trying to find a video/program explanation while I'm on the one concept. Seems to help seal the information in better when you bring in the info from all different directions and media. I wish there were 'Head First' books for about 15 other topics I'm trying to learn! Kudos on a fantastic concept and a well-written book"
--Shari Griffin,, February 2004

"If you want a good place to start learning Java, or just object-oriented programming concepts in general, I?d recommend you pick up a copy of Head First Java."
--Lee Thalblum, New York Personal Computer User Group, January 2004

"Remember when you were in kindergarten? No? Well, how about when you were first learning your ABC's? Can?t think back that far? Well, no matter. Read Head First Java and you will once again experience fun in learning...For people who like to learn new programming languages, and do not come from a computer science or programming background, this book is a gem. The authors make use of various games, puzzles, pictures, anecdotes, jokes and a conversational style to trick your brain into remembering the concepts covered. This is one book that makes learning a complex computer language fun. I hope that there are more authors who are willing to break out of the same old mold of ?traditional? writing styles. Learning computer languages should be fun, not onerous."
--Judith Taylor, Southeast Ohio Macromedia User Group, December 2003

"This book, 'Head First Java' published by O'Reilly gives new meaning to their marketing phrase `There's an O Reilly for that.` I picked this up because several others I respect had described it in terms like 'revolutionary' and a described a radically different approach to the textbook. They were (are) right... In typical O'Reilly fashion, they've taken a scientific and well considered approach. The result is funny, irreverent, topical, interactive, and brilliant...Reading this book is like sitting in the speakers lounge at a view conference, learning from ? and laughing with ? peers. That's the most accurate description I can give you. If you want to UNDERSTAND Java, go buy this book. The parts I've read have clarified the things I was already using with some success, into solid understanding of what's happening and how to do it in a more 'java-like' manner."
--Andrew Pollack,, October 2003

"If you want to learn Java, or even play around with it, there is an ideal introduction: 'Head First Java.' It is well suited to those who find working through formal texts is a good way to get off to sleep...The authors' understanding of the process of learning shows through in this clever presentation...Apart from its immediate subject matter, 'Head First Java' is well worth looking at as a model for presentations or courses in any field."
-Major Keary, AUSOM News, September 2003

"Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates' 'Head First Java' transforms the printed page into the closest thing to a GUI you've ever seen. In a wry, hip manner, the authors make learning Java an engaging 'what're they gonna do next?' experience."
--Warren Keuffel, Software Development Magazine, September 2003

"This is unlike any Java book you've ever read--and we mean ever. It's jokey, funny, occasionally irritating, entertaining and original. It is, (and this as important as the virtues just listed), educational in the best sense of the word...It works, and even the Java pro is likely to look at the familiar from a new angle with this book. It's also the perfect complement to something a bit more formal or heavy-going. Here at TechBookReport, we can't wait to see the next book in the Head Start series."
--TechBookReport, July 2003

"I was ADDICTED to the book?s short stories, annotated code snippets, mock interviews, puzzle games and brain exercises. They are not only entertaining but also informative. It may be a beginner?s book but the stuff they cover are definitely deep enough for expert readers as well (e.g. multiple inheritance, polymorphism, inner classes, threads, RMI--just to name a few)...Kathy and Bert are authoritative figures in the Java training community. The content is absolutely first class. I highly recommend 'Head First Java' for both Java beginners and expert readers."
--Michael Yuan, Customer Reviews, July 7, 2003

"When you get down to it, though, the only way to really decide on the worth of a tutorial is to decide how well it teaches. 'Head First Java' excels at teaching."
--Tony Williams,, July 16, 2003

"I recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn or better understand Java, as long as you don't mind having fun while you learn. I am very much looking forward to seeing other books in this series!"
--Carol Butler, Utah Java User Group, 7/16/2003

"O'Reilly has just released the BEST Java book ever!...It is designed to really get you to learn...The book is fun, interesting, and hard to put down. There are lots of different kinds of exercises to try out your just-acquired knowledge, helping to turn it into understanding...If you need to learn Java, then I can say without reservation that this book is a must."
--Paul Wren, Lunch With George Java/C/C++ User Group, 7/8/03

"This book will keep you stimulated! It has plenty of graphics, photos, quizzes, and cartoons to gorge your eyes and brain...This book teaches! This book is also careful to be serious and give you all the rules of the Java language. By the end of the book, you will have a good foundation of the language."
--Stephanie Smith, Plano Java User Group, May 2003

"The best way for me to describe this book is by using the teacher at school that we all have encountered in our school careers. You know the one that enthusiastically drew the most elaborate drawing on the black board to explain his point, the one that simply generates interest in his subject purely because of his sheer love of the subject he teaches. Now imagine that teacher in book form. The Head First way, your favorite teacher in a book...If you are a Java programmer that has problems understanding the finer points of the language and OO in general I suggest you go out and buy the book...10 out of 10 horseshoes."
--Johannes de Jong,, June 2003

"This is, quite simply, the most unique learning guide to Java that is out on the market. And the fact it's from O'Reilly will shock some people who are used to just getting 'the facts' from their books. It's written in a very informal, humorous, conversational style, with tons of offbeat graphics and examples. There's actually a method to the madness, too. They figure that if they can make the information interesting and 'different,' the brain will stay engaged in the learning process. There are exercises and puzzles at the end of each chapter, and plenty of code examples to play with. While I've gone through many Java tutorials (and maybe one will sink in some day...), this is by far my favorite. I even finally understood the why and hows of inner classes when we got done, and that was a part of the certification test that stymied me. If you are looking for a book to start your Java learning experience, I highly recommend this book."
--Tom Duff,, June 24, 2003

"An easy and funny read. And an excellent introduction to Java...The book is loaded with sample code snippets making it easy for the reader to follow the authors along with the current topic. The humorous undertones of the book constantly made me remember that Java is not difficult to master.Excellent book. Well laid out and very humorously presented. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning Java."
--Hampton Roads Oracle Users Group, August 2003