Media praise for JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook

"The book managed to both surprise and impress me, a great combination to have in a book...The recipes in 'JavaScript & DHTML cookbook' are extremely practical, well thought out, and even educational."
--Ada Shimar, JavaScript Kit, August 2003

"Danny Goodman is well known for his JavaScript Bible. The 'JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook' complements that title to show both beginners and experienced developers different ways to use the language...I highly recommend this book for both JavaScript/DHTML beginners and pros. The beginners will learn how to effectively use the languages, and the pros will pick up a few tricks that they didn't know before."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, 8/2/03

"I want to write my scripts myself, like I do the rest of my code, and I need a good book to which I can refer as I teach myself the language. This is that book! Goodman's 'JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook' is perfect for someone who wants to explore JavaScript, or for someone who is skilled with the language who needs to look up just how to handle a particular programming problem now and then...Goodman sets forth a task, such as opening a popup window, explains it, shows you the code to do it, then discusses the script and why it works...It's like sitting in a room with another bithead discussing problems and solutions. Sometimes you even laugh! The recipes range from very simple to extremely complex. There's something in here for every webmaster."
--Lora Smith, North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Ohio, July 2003

"Do not venture out and start doing anything without this book by your side...I would recommend that anyone who ever has to write any JavaScript in their web pages get this book."
--Darren Cook, Tokyo PC Users Group, August 2003

"Superbly written and organized by computer and consumer electronics expert Danny Goodman...The 'JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook'is strongly recommended for both novice and professional web site designers."
--"Bookwatch," June 2003

"'JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook' is a unique recipe that will teach you the most discussed topics in JavaScript and DHTML. The book is set up like a forum. A question is asked, the answer is given, and a discussion follows. The method this book follows is great for those who learn from vast examples on a broad range of topics....This book is great for the person that wants to jump into the DHTML realm of programming."
--Eric Pascarello,, May 2003

"Here, the way Danny Goodman writes, the clarity of his style, and the completeness of his coverage, make this book well suited to every reader level."
--Hien Nguyen, Central Jersey ColdFusion User Group, May 15, 2003