Media praise for RTF Pocket Guide

"Documentation for RTF is sparse, and generally terse...The only RTF-specific book I have seen in Sean Burke's 'RTF Pocket Guide'...a concise turorial and a reference suitable for RTF newcomers familiar with markup languages...Anyone who has a need for converting Word files for publication on the web should fine it an invaluable resource."
--Major Keary, AUSOM News, April 2004

"The only RTF-specific text I have seen is O'Reilly's 'RTF Pocket Guide."...The 'Pocket Guide' contains an exceptionally well-presented description of RTF and includes a tutorial on how to use it. The publisher makes it clear that this is not a definitive reference; even so, it is probably the most meaningful text on the subject: relevant, comprehensible, practical, and supported by useful examples. The focus is on the essentials, but with this as a guide the official specification will be a lot easier to understand...If you have a sense of enquiry--even if you don't see yourself with a need to parse RTF documents--this is an interesting insight into the Rich Text Format. It is not just a catalogue of commands and tokens; the author explains what they do and how they are applied. The language is remarkably clear in this very readable account of what many would consider an arcane topic. And it is inexpensive."
--Major Keary, PC Update, October 2003