Media praise for Perl Template Toolkit

"The authors are clearly passionate about Perl: the writing is sharp, to the point, and--this might sound odd about a topic like Perl templating--exciting...What these three [authors Darren Chamberlain, Dave Cross, and Andy Wardley] have managed to put together is an explosion of ideas and evolutionary 'wow factor' that makes for compelling reading for any Perl programmer who has looked at JSP and felt a twinge of envy...If you have a basic grounding in the language and want another string to your bow, start here."
Rating: 9/10
--Linux Format, October 2004

"After finishing the second edition of the 'Perl Cookbook,' I felt ready for the challenges of programming Perl in today's environment. Where the first edition seems inadequate today because of technologies that have emerged since its printing, the second edition again provides a stable foundation for any Perl programmer, beginner to advanced. I recommend the 'Perl Cookbook' strongly, even for those who already have the first edition...I recommend it without reservations, and I'm sure it will be useful for years to come. "
--Teodor Zlatanov,, May 2004

"All in all I found this a pretty thorough book. If there are any mistakes or omissions I didn't spot them. There is a lot to learn from this book and if you plan to use or are using Template Toolkit, it is a book well worth investing in...I think this will probably be one of my most read books in the years to come."
--Birmingham Perl Mongers, March 2004