Media praise for Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules

"The first book you picked up to learn Perl probably had a llama on its cover. You then picked up the camel book to continue your education. There was a gap though between those two books, an introduction to object orientated perl was missing. Well, Randal has now written the prefect bridging book in 'Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules' (LPORM). This book should be on your shelf if your new to perl, or even if you've used perl for the past years only for short scripts. LPORM will move your perl from scripts to programs...In all, I think this book is needed by all newer perl programmers and those that wish to take their perl to the next level."
--Shawn C. Carroll, Chicago Perl Mongers, September 2003

"What a spectacular Perl book it is...this book fills a vacancy for Perl programmers who are looking to improve their skills or to grow in their careers. O'Reilly, Schwartz, and Phoenix have put together a wonderful book. It's very personable and easy to follow. More importantly, it has the feel of a master instructing the apprentice."
--Russell J.T. Dyer,, June 2003