Media praise for SQL in a Nutshell

"Although the subtitle claims no more for it than to be 'A Desktop Quick Reference', SQL in a Nutshell does that and more. It deserves to be on the desktop of most working SQL developers and administrators...Compact as it is, SQL in a Nutshell's reference material does not simply repackage vendor documentation. It's better documentation than the providers write, because of the careful work Kline and his colleagues have done to structure it uniformly across the span of SQL. That's not all, though; along with the abstract definitions and glosses are brief, pointed expositions on specific topics...Databases are where the currency of an Information Society lives. If you're a front-line practitioner of database management, you likely need SQL in a Nutshell in your workspace."
-- Cameron Laird,

"...a nice SQL syntax reference for anyone who uses more than one of the popular SQL database management systems."
-- Craig Mullins,

"In sum, reference text prove their value by the battering they take. SQL in a Nutshell first edition has certainly won that badge of honor many times over. I know the 2nd edition is fast earning top battering marks. If you are into database, particularly cross platform database this tome will save a ton of time."
-- Jacques Surveyer, The Open Sourcery

"If you are a DBA or have to deal with database management, this book will help you by showing both statements and functions in a readable format as you manage databases."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, January 2005 (3:1)

"This wonderful reference has everything you'll need to start creating SQL databases for your specific distribution, (SQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL)."
--Computer Associates, May 2004