Media praise for Linux in a Nutshell

Voted Most Indispensable Linux Book in Linux Journal's 2004 Readers' Choice Awards

"...a great reference to keep close at hand for the experienced user. 'Linux in a Nutshell' is highly recommended for Linux administrators and anyone else dealing with Linux configuration, installation, or customization on a regular basis."
--Harold McFarland, The Midwest Book Review, May 2004

"['Linux in a Nuthsell'] is the king of the infodump. The Kaiser of the keyboard. TheEmperor of the Enther button. And any other bad alliteration that should spring to mind. . .It is, in short, a collection of every major Linux terminal command that you're ever likely to need, all packaged up into alphabetical order, explained in plain English. . .If you don't lock your office, this'll be the first thing that a techie colleague will steal! Linux Format Rating 9/10."
--Richard Cobbett, "Linux Format," November 2003

"This is a quick-reference guide for ALL distributions of Linux...The book is amazingly complete and detailed considering it covers so many different versions and distributions! The more I looked for different areas of coverage, the more I was pleasantly surprised...Again and again I was really blown away by all the information bound together in the book. I even looked for small areas I had seen missing in other references--and they were all there!...These authors did an awesome job putting this book together and for many, it will be a very valuable tool. I personally consider this book to be one of the best I've seen and I am proud to include it as a part of my reference library. I believe it is well worth the price."
--Thad Craig, Memphis PC User’s Group, October 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition
"Most Indispensable Linux Book: 'Linux in a Nutshell 3rd Edition, by Ellen Siever et al.'"
--Linux Journal, November 2003

"An extremely useful book."
--Mick Bauer, Linux Journal, August 2002

"I recommend the book 'Linux in a Nutshell' (pun apparently intended) from O'Reilly Publishing. It's an excellent desk reference of shell commands."
--Thomas C. Greene, The Register, August 2002

"'Linux in a Nutshell' is another great reference book from O'Reilly. Being a 'quick' reference it does not claim to be an end all or be all guide. It is geared towards users knowing what they would like to do with Linux, but needing a little guidance or a reminder on how to accomplish a specific excellent resource without a lot of fluff. It provides a quick, and within hands reach, guide to Linux commands and concepts that users of Linux utilize on a daily basis."
--Will Bober, Bay Linux User Group, July 2002

"This book provides essential information for users of the Linux operating system...I find the book of great value and recommend it highly as a reference and to flesh out the details of lessons learned in introductory Linux texts."
--Pim Borman, SW Indiana PC Users Group, May 2002

"A great reference to have for anyone who uses Linux, just like a dictionary is a must for anyone who uses a language-- regardless whether you have mastered the language or not. And of course, it is not recommended to learn any language from dictionaries."
--Rei Ayanami,, April 2002