Media praise for Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

"Although 'Extreme Programming' is diminutive in size and price, it still provides concepts and advice that may save your organization significant amounts of time and money. It will certainly save you frustration and help you to retain clients. It's a mature way of programming, of conducting a programming project, and of dealing with clients. It takes some getting used to and requires everyone involved in an XP project to learn the XP methods, but it's worth the effort. And because various people will have to learn XP, the small size and short length of chromatic's book makes reading about XP less intimidating."
--Russel Dyer,, September 2003

"As Ward Cunningham says in his preface, this book reorders, clarifies and synthesizes the most recent experiences of the community devoted to this revolutionary software development technique. As an XP programmer would say, this is a great refactoring of XP concepts. For its qualities of completeness and concision, I would recommend this book to those people, both programmers and managers, that want to understand quickly the spirit and practices of XP. In Italy we get used [to] finding little quality in little books of computer science. [This] is not the case [with] O'Reilly publications, as this is a high quality book."
--Franco Lombardo, Java User Group Torino, September 2003