Media praise for Perl 6 Essentials

"The book is at once an introduction to the Perl 6 culture, the Perl 6 language, and the Perl 6 internals. That it succeeds at all three levels in just under 200 pages is a testament to the skill of the authors...'Perl 6 Essentials' is a must-have roadmap to the future of Perl."
--Teodor Zlatanov,, May 2004

"This summer, an unusual event occurred: A book was published by O'Reilly & Associates about a product that, according to its developers, is six to nine months away from entering beta testing. Only great community demand could inspire this decision. And, indeed O'Reilly's 'Perl 6 Essentials' has become a bible of sorts to a group of developers eagerly awaiting the new release of the Perl scripting language."
--Andrew Binstock, Software Development Times, September 2003

"If you've been wanting to know what to expect from Version 6, you won't find a better book on the subject. It's especially useful if you're considering getting involved in the development of Perl 6. Additionally, Python and Ruby programmers may find the chapters on Parrot (the programming-language-neutral interpreter) of interest."
--Russell J.T. Dyer, "The Perl Journal." July 2003