Media praise for Building Wireless Community Networks

"This is one cool book...Pretty much everything you need to know about wireless networks is covered in this small book. One thing specifically which was added to this edition is the section in the appendix on regulations affecting 802.11b deployment. This may be particularly interesting for readers who want to configure wireless internet in their community or neighborhood. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about wireless networks or is planning on doing anything related to wireless technology."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, November 2003

"...In this book [Rob Flickenger] shows us all the aspects of putting together a community network...We are taken through various aspects of wireless community making - standards, hardware, layout, access points, long-range, security, making aerials. The whole thing is easy to read as well with diagrams and pictures where needed.", November 2003

"If you only read one book about Wi-Fi technology and what you can do with it (and I've read several), 'Building Wireless Community Networks' would be a good choice. Along with his explanations of how to create a community network, Flickenger's book does a good job of describing how networks in general operate. You'll learn about DNS, DHCP, and other acronyms necessary to make any network function..You don't have to be bent on saving the world to find the book useful. If you only want to bring wireless Internet connectivity to anything larger than a home or small office, or if you need to wirelessly connect your network over a distance, this is the hands-on, how-to book you should buy."
--David Coursey, ZDNet, September 2003,10738,2914596,00.html