Media praise for The Complete FreeBSD

"Naturally, such a long-standing and mature OS requires an equally long-standing and mature book to cover its working, and FreeBSD fans are blessed to have 'The Complete FreeBSD,' by Greg Lehey. Now in its fourth edition, this tome is fully updated for FreeBSD 5, however there hasn't been any increase in size, thankfully--in fact, Lehey managed to cut the overall size of the book by around 100 pages without losing any of its hard-hitting, matter-of-fact content...['The Complete FreeBSD' is] a no-holds-barred tour of the world of FreeBSD, with every appropriate topic explained along the way in enough concentrated detail to satisfy even the most demanding of readers...Linux Format Rating 9/10."
--Paul Hudson, "Linux Format," October 2003

"A useful, friendly, and thorough guide for novices to intermediate users, 'Complete FreeBSD' addresses initial installation, from setting up domain name servers to building and debugging custom kernels. Discussion of configuration files that may need changing and instructions on upgrading are particularly clear and helpful; appendixes provide a bibliography and a discussion of the evolution of the OS; highly recommended."
--Rachel Singer Gordon, "Library Journal," September 2003