Media praise for ASP.NET in a Nutshell

"This isn't light bedtime reading but it is an invaluable reference to sit next to the keyboard of any ASP.NET programmer."
--Jack Herrington, Saginaw Macintosh Users Group, February 2004

"O'Reilly is a successful publisher that is keenly aware of its programmer audience and has honed its author pool, smartly edited the content to focus on what matters in the real world, and even optimized the book's trim size to pack as much information in as portable a package as possible. There are a lot of ASP.NET reference books circulating in the marketplace today, and separating the wheat from the chaff can be a daunting task. I've been fortunate enough to read over a dozen ASP.NET reference and tutorial books throughout the course of my book-reviewing career, and I can honestly state that few approach the concise quality of subject matter that this second edition provides. The format follows that of other O'Reilly Nutshell books, wherein the technology's libraries are analyzed in just enough detail to answer those quick look-up reminders. Readers looking for an ASP.NET tutorial will not find it here. Nutshell books are geared toward intermediate and advanced developers who, like an English professor, occasionally rely on a large dictionary to look up the more esoteric constructs. In this respect, 'ASP.NET In a Nutshell' admirably succeeds...I have always been a fan of O'Reilly's enlightening library of technical titles, and I am especially satisfied with this ASP.NET reference. Any serious ASP.NET developer should buy this book if they haven't done so already. Rating: 5 stars"
-Mike Riley, ASP.NETpro, November 2003

Reviews From Previous Edition
"'ASP.NET in a Nutshell' provides a good quick reference to the fundamentals of ASP.NET, with excellent tutorials and 'How To's' throughout."
--Ben Newsome, SA Visual Basic Users Group, Feb 2003

"If you do any amount of ASP coding, you'll want to have a copy handy."
--David Harms, Clarion Magazine, November 2002

"This book is in fact the ideal migration path for someone who has had a good object oriented programming foundation but no ASP experience."
--Morgan Stanley connectivity global, Sept 2002