Media praise for Optimizing Oracle Performance

"It is our privilege to honor Cary Millsap and coauthor Jeff Holt of Hotsos as Oracle as Oracle Magazine's Authors of the Year for 2004, an award that reflects the status of Millsap's book, 'Optimizing Oracle Performance', as a definitive tuning text."

"I can gladly report that the book both met and exceeded my expectations. I can easily say (and I don't say this about many books) that this book is a must read for anybody who wants to get better response time out of their Oracle database...Overall rating: 9.5/10 - The content is excellent, and any Oracle performance analyst will benefit immensely by reading and applying these techniques in their shop."
--Dan Hanks,Provo Linux Users Group, December 2003

"Oracle performance analysts are always looking for ways to optimize response time. Now two of the industry's most dedicated performance-optimization experts provide the timesaving method Oracle DBAs and developers have been waiting for...The authors dispense with database-centric metrics and instead show how to use Oracle's response-time statistics to diagnose performance problems in an Oracle application system. Millsap and Holt also show how eliminating requests for unneeded work improves performance dramatically and how the mathematical discipline of queuing theory can be combined with response time-metrics to accurately predict the impact of system changes and upgrades."
--"Oracle," October 2003