Media praise for Windows XP Unwired

"...highly readable and all the explanations are clear...If you are using XP and want some wireless freedom but aren't sure how to achieve it, this book is a great place to start."
Rating: 5/5 stars
--Computer Shopper, March 2004

"If you're looking for a book that will help you understand wireless networking on Windows XP, this is it. After reading this book and putting your knowledge into action, you'll end up with a working, secure, functional wireless network."
--Patrick Grote,, February 2004

"The author is an excellent technical communicator and explains wireless in plain--not patronizing--language...If you want to use wireless on a WinXP platform this is an essential resource. If you simply want an introduction to--or to broaden your knowledge of--wireless networking, it is well worth reading. A title that should be in any library servicing computer users."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," December 2003

"Is this book worth 25 bucks? My answer, even though my own network is the unglamorous wire kind, is a strong yes. It gets into a lot of technical stuff about all things wireless in the XP world but it is an excellent single reference source."
--Lloyd Boutwell, Orange County PC User Group, November 2003

"Once you complete this book, you will be able to set up your own network without any expert help...I strongly recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand wireless networking."
--Srinivas Chittimalla, oracle_certprep Yahoo Group, October 2003

"This book fills a large gap in my library; I don't understand WiFi that well, and this is enormously useful, WinXP or not. There are case studies, coverage of infrared and Bluetooth, etc. I've needed this work"
--Alan Sondheim,, October 2003