Media praise for JavaServer Faces

"JSF is here to stay, and this book gets you started. It’s primarily a learning tool for JSF with a fair amount of reference material thrown in. I particularly recommend the book to newcomers to the technology, but it’s still a valuable reference for those already familiar with JSF."
-- Héctor Zenil Chávez, IEEE Distributed Systems Online

"Java Server Faces provides an excellent starting point for using the new framework from Sun with JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, and JavaBeans. This book is particularly valuable to those from an ASP.Net background, who so often get books that look at just one small piece of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition framework... I enjoyed some chapters and topics, such as the multiform UI section and the one in which Bergsten shows how to plug custom renderer code into JSF. The latter section shows that he recognizes JSF’s shortcomings and how to fix them. I also liked the way this book answered many questions that arose while I read it--questions most developers don't even know to ask."
--Hector Zenil Chavez, IEEE DS Online, February 2005

"I just finished reading O'Reilly's JavaServer Faces, and I'm giving it a high recommendation. O'Reilly's book covers JSF 1.0, the specification that was released in March 2004."
--Eclipse Tips, December 2004