Media praise for AppleScript: The Definitive Guide

"If you are a serious student or have grounding in other programming languages, it will be hard to find a better guidebook. Unlike Apple's own documentation, Neuburg provides an honest, unprejudiced appraisal of AppleScript's strengths and weaknesses and offers expert guidance in working with and around them...['AppleScript: The Definitive Guide' ] is unquestionably the most comprehensive and unbiased guide to the language ever written. Reading through it is a little like sitting in on a graduate course in AppleScript...if you're willing to sit down and expend the effort to follow the book through, you will be rewarded with the benefits of not only the author's years of programming experience, but his remarkable analytical and problem solving skills."
--Ric Getter, MacDirectory, Spring-Summer '04 (Issue 21)

"AppleScript is incomprehensible without a guide. REALbasic guru (and frequent RBD contributor) Matt Neuburg comes to the rescue...If you really want to understand the fundamentals or advanced features of the language (like how many 'tell' strucutures you can nest), this is the book for you."
--Marc Zeedar, Real Basic Developer Magazine, July 2004

"A complete and thorough guide...An essential resource for developers and power users."
--Major Keary, PC Update, July 2004

"I highly recommend this book if you are at all interested in learning how to 'automate' your Mac."
--Rob Button, Glenn Macintosh Users Group, April 2004

"...a masterful guide to the language...Taken as whole, this is a great book for the AppleScript programmer, both beginner and expert. It has a good writing style, has been well edited and well constructed...I would recommend it to all Macintosh owners as the perfect way to unleash another powerful aspect of your system...It is certainly the best book on AppleScript I have seen."
Rating: 8/10
--Tony Williams, Slashdot, January 2004

"The depth of the coverage is amazing and the approach of teaching you how to learn for yourself is refreshing. If you are interested in linguistics as well as computer languages then this book is a delight. A language manual written by a linguist, it frequently compares and contrasts AppleScript to English and other computer languages. Mac Guild Grade: A+ (Awesome) If you want to know everything there is to know about AppleScript, then this book is essential."
--Diane Love, The Mac Guild, January 2004

"'AppleScript programming is often indistinguishable from guessing' [writes Matt Neuburg]. 'AppleScript: The Definitive Guide' was written to help move guessing to getting answers that get it right and Matt Neuburg even does it with a sense of humor. If you aren't afraid to learn something new and need help moving past the frustration threshold of AppleScripting, get this book. Who knows, you might even create something magically marketable."
--Robert Pritchett, Mac Companion, February 2004

"An essential resource for developers and power users."
--Major Keary, Book News, January 2004

"AppleScript is touted as easy to learn and use for mere mortals, which is complete baloney...With superior writing and communication skills, ['AppleScript: The Definitive Guide' author] Matt [Neuburg] tackles a monumental job with his typical wealth of wisdom and wit. Reading Neuburgian prose is a delight for this reviewer, and always worthwhile. I’m not yet a full-blown scripter, but given enough time and hand-holding by My Man Matt, I’m confident to make a valiant stab at it."
--John Nemerovski,, December 2003