Media praise for Learning PHP 5

"The book will soon have you writing your own scripts and show you how easy it is to use PHP to create a web page. But, the strength of the book lies in going beyond just teaching the syntax of PHP but in discussing the considerations needed when using it in the real world. He provides examples of code that can be easily transferred into your own scripts...This book does an excellent job in covering the fundamental syntax and structure of writing PHP and basic programming concepts needed for a simple PHP script. It will not teach you how to program well but that is outside the scope of the book. It is a practical book and covers all the important aspects of writing a script. I would recommend it to anyone starting out in PHP and even those with some PHP experience."
-- Roy Bleasdale, Melbourne PHP User Group

"The front cover says the book is an introduction to building interactive web sites, the back cover proclaims the intended audience is an intelligent but not necessarily highly technical reader. The book lives up to it's billing."
-- George Dekelbaum, MainE Linux Users Group

"[Learning PHP 5] is a very well-written and designed introduction to PHP 5 for beginning programmers or those experienced PERL, ASP, or Cold Fusion programmers who want to learn a different language...I found the book to be the most accessible introduction to PHP I have read. It provides the basic fundamentals, engages the reader in practical examples, reinforces learning with exercises, and provides an overall perspective on the scope of PHP programming."
--John Suda,, October 2004

"Learning PHP 5 by David Sklar is an approachable and surprisingly svelte volume, and is a great place for web programming novices to begin...You can't go wrong using this volume as a starting point."
--Ryan Eanes,, September 2004

"This book is the typical high-quality O'Reilly manual. It takes you step by step through learning the PHP language."
--Netsurfer Digest, July 2004 (10:29)