Media praise for JavaServer Pages

"JSP lover's, don't look further: this book is for you!! The third edition of 'JavaServer Pages' by Hans Bergsten is not just an update of the second edition. It contans plenty of fresh material and covers the new JSP 2.0 and Java Standard Template Library 1.1 specification…This book represents an excellent and complete resource that is beneficial not only to Java developers but also to non-programmers…Finally, the book provides many appendices among which you will find an exhaustive reference of JSTL actions and JSP elements (including the Expression Language) as well as the JSTL and JSP APIs."
--Valentin Crettaz,, June 2004

"If you want to keep moving along in the Java-based IBM/Lotus world, servlet and JSP technologies are in your future. While you may not need it right now, you WILL need it. I highly recommend this book as a great starter text on the subject that will grow with you as you learn and work with JSPs."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, February 2004