Media praise for eBay Hacks

"It's way more than just a user manual...If you buy or sell more than one or two things on things on eBay in the next year you really should get this book. It will easily pay for itself in saved time, shipping costs, and stress; it will help you win the items you really want, and it can probably get you better prices too. Go buy it."
-- Frank Carver, JavaRanch

"Wow. Taking a page from David Pogue, this book really ought to be called 'eBay: The Missing Manual'...My wife and I have been buying and selling for a living on eBay for about a year-and-a-half now. I tell you, I wish we'd had this book 18 months ago when we started our business on eBay. It would have answered a lot of questions we had and prevented a lot of errors we've made. If you want to cut your eBay learning curve down considerably, I highly recommend this book."
--Lee-Perry Belleau, Saginaw Macintosh Users Group, February 2004

"This is a very practical guide that covers just about everything users want to know (and do); it caters for new eBay members through to those who want to run a business on eBay...An exceptionally well-written text that won't drown readers in technical jargon. The technical detail is there, but conveyed in plain language."
--Major Keary, PC Update, February 2004

"If you're one of the millions who dabble on eBay, then this book is essential reading."
--"Internet Advisor," January 2004

"Call it capitalist communitarianism: Some of the Net's biggest businesses have found a way to tap the open source model without giving away the store. The secret is a software protocol called an application program interface. An API is a published set of programming hooks that lets you interact directly with a company's open servers. In other words, you can mine company databases for free. A new series by tech publisher O'Reilly explains how to use APIs to extract information from Amazon, eBay, and Google. The best part: There's no need to consult your Perl manual - these books offer dozens of handy scripts to automate tasks such as searching archives, product listings, and auctions in progress. Exploiting APIs is not only legal, it's encouraged."
--Paul Boutin, Wired Magazine, December 2003

"One of the greatest strengths of this book is its ability to convey the psychology of eBay. It is a unique marketplace, with its own set of 'rules' for interactions between buyers and sellers. Communication can make all the difference between a transaction where everyone is satisfied or one where all parties feel that they have gotten a bad deal. Luckily, author David A. Karp is both a capable writer and an eBay enthusiast. His insights on how eBay really works, as well as his advice on eBay etiquette, are invaluable...Overall, it is a very easy book to use...'eBay Hacks,' by David A. Karp, is a definite winner. It is a must-have text for anyone who ventures into the eBay marketplace, either as a buyer or seller. So, the next time Aunt Betty buys you that unique orange and maroon sweater, grab 'eBay Hacks,' turn on your computer, and turn your unwanted gift into someone else’s treasure."
--Michele Smith,, November 2003

"With eBay Hacks, you'll be more than a buyer or seller. You will become a savvy power user who knows the smart way to save time, save money, and dramatically improve auction success."
--North Florida Macintosh Users Group, November 2003

"If you do any buying and/or selling on eBay, you need this book."
--Todd Hawley,, October 2003

"You can always expect good content from O'Reilly & Associates publications: it's computer-geek approved. And 'eBay Hacks' is as satisfying as their other titles."
--Ina Steiner,, September 2003

"This is the third book I've read from the valuable O'Reilly Hacks series. A 'hack' in this context means a trick or add-on used to get the most out of a program or system. The tech-speak is kept minimal, which makes the hacks easy to read and reference. The series has tips for beginners, moderate users, and experts, and each hack is visually represented by a thermometer's temperature (high for expert and low for easy)...People who are neither a storefront nor a PowerSeller will find this book worthy of the time and cost involved.", November 2003

"'eBay Hacks' (David A. Karp) might be the best eBay book out there...It's invaluable; Karp writes about eBay from every conceivable perspective. eBay is filled with people who are just browsing, collectors who are actively buying, sellers who are just trying to clean a garage and vendors who are trying to run a full-time business...and weasels who are eager to scam any and all comers. 'eBay Hacks' has specific advice for the first four groups, including techniques for avoiding the fifth. Trust me, even if it takes you two years before you use all the info in this book, you'll eventually use all the information in this book."
--Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times, October 2003