Media praise for The Best of The Joy of Tech

"If nothing else brings together die-hard users of disparate operating systems, The Best of the Joy of Tech certainly does. A book not to be missed."
--Major Keary, Book Notes, 2004:18

"In short, this book is the finest slice of geek humour out there, so go out and buy a copy now. You won't be disappointed."
--Dr. Neale Monks,, July 2004

"Artistically speaking, this is as good as it gets, and it's good to see that O'Reilly has pulled out all the stops to make the book high quality...the sooner you start reading the better! This is geek culture at its finest – some of which will even be accessible for nongeeks – and we can't get enough of it! Three cheers for Nitrozac and Snaggy! Rating 10/10 Linux Format Top Stuff Award"
--Linux Format, April 2004

"This book is a must-have it if you like Macs, computers in general, geek culture, comics, bodacious beauties, and just plain fun, not necessarily in any particular order."
--Charles Moore,, February 2004

"While it's already after Christmas, this could be a great gift for your favorite geek who's already got all the hard disks, 802.11 cards, and cables he or she needs. Take a break from the humdrum world of cubicle politics and read the Joy of Tech - it's a great way to let off a bit of steam and keep yourself down to earth."
--Kirk McElhearn, Technology & Society, February 2004

"When faced with what seem to be insurmountable problems, this is where you will find relief. A great addition to the coffee table collection, but you'll have to tie it down."
--Major Keary, Book News, January 2004

"From geeks to corporate giants to the funny world of Macintosh culture, nothing is sacred--the book's comics include a cast of characters ranging from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to aliens, curvaceous female geeks, and a strange guy in a black suit."
--Computerworld Canada, January 2004

"This is far more than just printed copies of a few comics off the JoT site, folks; they've downloaded the spirit of Joy of Tech into a perfect-bound creation...Get the book...and find out what the rest of us have known all along--there is joy in the Joy of Tech.", January 2004"

"This book will absolutely not help you do your job better. However, 'The Best of The Joy of Tech' has been one of the best things I've had on my desk all year...In conclusion, you may not 'need' this book, but I think you really *need* this book. And get a spare copy, because yours may run off with a co-worker."
--Rikki Endsley,, December 2003