Media praise for Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora

"For people who are starting to look at Linux as a potential desktop system 'Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora' will get you onto the right track right from the beginning...Bill McCarthy does an excellent job of explaining what is going on...The authors also include a complete copy of Fedora on CD so you can actually install the operating system and configure it while you learn. "Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora" is highly recommended for anyone looking to make Linux their desktop operating system."
--Harold McFarland, Readers Preference Reviews, June 2004

Reviews From Previous Edition

"This is the third edition of O'Reilly's classic introduction ...A well-written manual for new users. It covers the essentials, showing how to install, configure, and use Linux. Recommended to those people who want to try out Linux and who would like to run RH8 alongside MS Windows. A compact, easy-to-handle guide that will sit neatly on a (real-world) desktop as a ready reference to Red Hat Linux."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," August 2003