Media praise for Linux Device Drivers

"For anyone interested in writing device drivers for Linux the definitive text is O'Reilly's Linux Device Drivers, now in its third edition...A tour de force, this is a comprehensive, detailed, and clearly expressed text. The the authors and publisher manage to keep this title up to date is a feat in itself."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini and Greg Kroah-Hartman's Linux Device Drivers appears in its third updated edition to provide the latest update for any who wish to run new hardware under Linux. Linux kernal programming is at the heart of a title which reveals the basics of Unix system calls and C--but users needn't be hardcore programmers to find useful topics such as driver debugging, memory management, and driver models."
--Diane Donovan, Donovan's Bookshelf, MBR Bookwatch, May 2005