Media praise for Ant: The Definitive Guide

"If you are an Ant user this title is an essential resource; if you are a Java developer and want to learn how to use Ant, this is the only place to begin."
-- Major Keary, Book News

"As a Java developer, I have admired its [Ant's] simple and intuitive interface and the modular design. So on getting Ant The Definitive Guide in my hands I wasn't expecting a whole lot new to learn, and thought of using it only as a reference book for occasional use. After having the book on my desk for more than a month, and occasionally reaching out to it and flipping through its pages whenever I would otherwise have consulted the online documentation, I must say that I was missing out on something very important: tasks like ftp and war deployment that I was simply not aware of and had never felt the need to lookup, but could very well use. The other interesting thing I noticed was that my build scripts became smaller, more modular and easier to read. ...Overall, I found this book by Steve Holzner to be comprehensive, well organized, easy to read and good value for money."
--Pankaj Kumar,, July 2005

"The book provides a great way into Ant, showing how it can be used in a wide-range of environments to perform an even wider range of functions. For anyone looking to get the most out of Ant this is a great place to look for ideas and examples. "
--Tech Book Report, July 2005

"I have the first edition, which is more of a "how to use ant" book. The second edition is a "how to make ant useful" book... Well written and pretty comprehensive--whether you're already comfortable with ant or new to ant, this is definitely a great book to pick up."
--Eric Wuehler,, May 2005

"ANT stands for 'Another Neat Tool.' I was surprised, I always thought ANT was a pretty dull tool. To be sure, every time I wanted it to do something I could eventually get it to do it. (Actually I went and got help from the guru.) That reached a point where I got handed this book and told to go away... I did. And the surprising thing was that it didn't take long at all. From the beginning, it made pretty good sense. And as I got further into it I started finding something neat that I should do about every six or ten pages. ANT is a pretty powerful program. The book? It's an O'Reilly book, professionally written for professional programmers, what more can I say? Oh yes, it's a new book, and it covers ANT 1.6. Highly Recommended!"
--John Matlock, Books-On-Line, May 2005

"This guide dives right in, but there's enough coverage of the basics to allow a newbie such as myself to actually understand the basic structure of an Ant file and get started. That basic information is quickly built on, and in little time you're able to do most of the tasks you'll ever encounter for an Ant build. I was always a little intimidated when I'd see Ant examples in other books, but now I have the tools I need to understand and use it...This is another one of those books that will be under close watch at my desk to make sure it doesn't get 'borrowed.' This book will end up becoming a best friend in short order..."
--Thomas "Duffbert" Duff,, May 2005

"I repeat: Buy this book. End of review.
Just kidding. About the latter, not the former…Ant has evolved into a complex tool. The sample build files are nice, but neither they nor the online doc explain how things work, which means you really don’t have a good gut feeling about what you are doing when it comes time to expand their functionality… Enter this book. It is clear, comprehensive and well-written. But here is what I really like about it: You need only read the first few chapters to get the overall gist of how Ant works, then you can go directly to subsequent chapters only if and when you need specific information.. This is a refreshing (and needed) change in today’s world of 900+ page books that only make you realize that there is waaay too much information for you to absorb on a subject – especially since you are no doubt already overworked, overstressed and behind schedule."
--Larry Hannay,, May 2005

"If you are an Ant user this title is an essential resource; if you are a Java developer and want to learn how to use Ant, this is the only place to begin."
--Major Keary, Book News