Media praise for Network Security Assessment

"Readers will find cogent explanations of the many tools used by hackers to break into systems. Even experienced penetration testers are likely to learn about new and useful tools...Penetration testers and network security administrators will find much to commend this book. Nontechnical readers will find that the author does an excellent job of explaining complex protocols, tools, and concepts."
--Steven Weil, "Security Assessment," April 2005

"This is a great book to have for those who are security practitioners. While some may say this is very similar to those "hacking" books out on the market, I see a difference. One thing stands out is that the author provides a lot of his experience drawing from the field. He does not just talk about how to use the tools, he also goes into the reasons/depth behind why this is happening."
--James Ko, Nortel Linux User Group, December 2004

"Overall, 'Network Security Assessment' provides a good framework for anyone who is serious about running network security scans to security his perimeter and interior networks. The book is written in a style that is readable and understandable style; while more of an introductory text, it does not treat the reader as a dummy...If you are looking for a to-the-point book that does not get bogged down with screen prints and meaningless hacker stories and myths, 'Network Security Assessment' is a good place to start."
Rating: 8/10
--Ben Rothke,, September 2004

"Chris McNab's book demonstrates how well and ex-hacker can provide insight in ways which others cannot...The book teaches on how to perform basic hacking tricks and describes how an attacker looks for flaws. More importantly, it teaches the reader how to assess those weaknesses and fix them."
--Dan Ilett, SC Magazine, July 2004

"Another great O'Reilly book."
--Brian Livingston, Brian's Buzz on Windows Newsletter, June 2004

"One of the great features of the book is the broad range of what is assessed and the tools that accompany them. The explanations are some of the best around…This is a highly recommended book, hacker friendly and full of good stuff."
--Robert Bruen, IEEE Security, May 2004

"One of the surprises in reading this book is how quickly my current books on network security assessment have become obsolete. 'Network Security Assessment' offers up-to-date information on the most commonly exposed and exploited areas of network security, as well as a comprehensive discussion on new tools and exploits…If you haven't reviewed what is state-of-the-art in security assessment lately, this title makes for a good reference."
--Mathias Thurman, Computerworld magazine, May 2004 (v.38:22)