Media praise for Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Panther Edition

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
-- Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post

"There are a lot of good books, but I keep returning to the Missing Manual series because they are inexpensive, easy to read and full of cool tricks and tips."
-- Bob Brooks, The South Bay Apple Mac User Group

"Pogue, the New York Times computer columnist, is among the world's best explainers."
-- Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired

"I have reviewed quite a number of Missing Manual books and I am always impressed with them. David Pogue is a Mac master and the depth of his knowledge shines through."
-- Roger Bernau, ACT Apple User Group Incorporated

"Some of my Mac-using friends have told me that they haven't picked up anything from the Missing Manual series because they're under the impression that they're basically novice guides. This is both right and wrong: it's absolutely true that beginners will get their money's worth from a Missing Manual and that they won't get lost in an abundance of overtechnical discussion. The part that isn't true, however, is the implication that these are books only for beginners. I've been using Macs for over ten years now (and various Unix-like systems for five), but my copies of the Missing Manuals get dog-eared and underlined more than any other technical books I own."
Rating: 10/10
--Emma Story, Slashdot, January 2004

"Every Panther user should have a copy at hand."
--Major Keary, Ausom News, August 2004

"The writing in The Missing Manual hits a happy medium between the staid prose adopted by The Macintosh Bible and the anarchic Dummies Guide. There's a clear flow of ideas presented in a readable and, more importantly, easily understood manner...We would recommend this book to every level of user from the complete novice to an experienced veteran. No owner of OS X should be without it on their shelf."
--MacUser, April 2004

"['Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Panther Edition' has] gems that you may not want to be without and which have the feeling of being vouchsafed to you by an insider: startup keystrokes, a section on troubleshooting and particularly good iCal coverage."
--Mark Sealey, Think Secret, September 2004

"Years ago Apple figured out it doesn't need to write manuals for its products because David Pogue will, and he'll do it much better. Pogue, the 'New York Times' computer columnist, is among the worlds' best explainers...The Missing Manuals are a thrill because they reverse the usual formula for guidebooks. Most manuals assume you have some knowledge, but no intelligence. Pogue assumes you have some intelligence, but no knowledge. He reminds constantly rather than assumes you remember. That shift makes a huge difference...The Missing Manual series is simply the most intelligent and useable series of guidebooks on any subject. I only wish there was one for all the other tools on my desktop."
--Kevin Kelley,, May 2004

"The Missing Manual series is the best of the best, in my opinion. In the final analysis, one need not decry the disappearance of software manuals; one simply needs to factor in some extra dollars for a Missing Manual. 'OS X The Missing Manual, Panther Edition,' easily justifies its existence as a shelf reference, but makes entertaining cover-to-cover reading a pleasure to boot."
--John Buttolph, Macintosh Users Group of Stowe, April 2004

"Even if Apple had a manual, I doubt it would be as good or complete as this one is...I recommend all David Pogue's books. I consider this one essential."
--Alan Webster, Whittier Area Macintosh User Group, February 2004

"Pogue Press/O'Reilly to the rescue with another in their outstanding series, 'The Missing Manual,' subtitled 'The book that should have been in the box.' Amen to that. This is not just a rehash or minor update to the earlier volume, 'Mac OS X; 2nd Editon; The Missing Manual'... The earlier edition was very good, but this edition is even better."
--Space Port Users Group, February 2004

"I recommend all David Pogue's books. I consider this one essential."
--Alan Webster, Whittier Area Macintosh Users Group, January 2004

"For people new to the Mac Computer, this Manual is a necessity. For people whose new computer started with OS 10.2, this book is very good reference for the many changes. For those old timers , still secure with the OS 8 series, this manual is a 'must.' Without it their computer will never get 'user friendly'...At a publisher's price of $ 29.95 it is a bargain, because to learn Panther, this book is all you need."
--Murray Massin, Leisure World Macintosh Users Group, January 2004

"[This book] does a thorough and entertaining job of explaining and demystifying just about every Mac operation...In an era when computer and software makers short-change customers with skimpy manuals and online help sites are jargon-filled and hard to navigate, Pogue's book shines as an accessible and lively guide through the world of Mac."
--Clint Swett, "Sacramento Bee," February 2004

"If you want one-stop shopping for info about Apple's latest and greatest, look no further. In a world of incomprehensible computer manuals Mr. Pogue is a shining light of clarity. He writes clean, light prose that avoids the standard boring red flag of technical manuals. ... It's the best overall Mac manual that I've read."
--Michael McKee, Port Townsend Seriously Laid Back User Group, January 2004

"This newest edition of 'Mac OS X: The Missing Manual' seems to be Mr. Pogue's best to date with more complete coverage (iApps) and in-depth detail than found in the previous versions. That depth will take a completely new user will into the intermediate or advanced stages of mastering Mac OS X Panther. For the more experienced Mac OS X user this book serves as an absolutely essential reference book well placed in any Mac library."
--Robert Golding, Princeton Mac User Group, January 2004

"If you have upgraded to OS X 10.3 Panther or are contemplating doing so, and wondering if you should also upgrade your copy of OS X: TMM to the third edition, the answer is 'of course'... it's the Mac OS X book to have if you're only having one. Bravo David Pogue and O'Reilly Associates -- the Panther Edition of OS X: TMM is the best yet, and the bar was already set pretty high. This book richly deserves its status as the best-selling Mac OS X volume, With 300,000 copies in print, and it is truly a valuable service to the Mac community as well."
--Charles Moore,, January 2004

"If you own a Mac, this is a great resource for knowing your operating system inside-out, and if you're contemplating a Mac as your next machine, this is a great overview of what to expect."
--Netsurfer Digest, January 2004

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and covers what a Mac user needs to know to work with OS X Panther. As has been stated in the past with Mr. Pogue's other Missing Manual books--this is what should have come in the box with your Mac. But since it didn't, run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore or online book seller and get yourself a copy of 'Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Panther Edition.' This is a definite must-have for Mac OS X users! Highly Recommended! My Mac Rating: 5 out of 5"
--Russ Walkowich,, January 2004

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
--Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post