Media praise for Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One

"A great mix of step-by-step tutorials with discussions of underlying issues. This will raise the skill level of all but the Photoshop experts--and even they might learn a thing or two."
-- Major Keary, Book Notes

"Often reviewing a how-to manual, is a dull experience, because of the step-by-step dry nature of it. Deke McClelland kept the text light, and his distinctive personality certainly shone through. There is something here for everyone, of all levels, to learn."
--Tammi Lee, The Edmonton Linux User Group (ELUG), June 2005

"McClelland has produced the best combination of book and video instruction that I have found so far."
--Diane Cipollo, BellaOnline, June 2005

"Extremely well written and chock full of learning materials...not just for the novice user but the professional. I recommend this book heartily and I look forward to Deke's next installment.
Cool: Video and written tutorials from an expert in the trade!
Uncool: There must be something...wait...nope, nothing!"
--Julie Smyth,, September 2004

"The prospect of learning or expanding your knowledge of Photoshop can be intimidating, regardless of your level of computer expertise. Luckily, Deke McClelland's Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One book and multimedia CD combo is there to help...[This book] rates a 'best buy' commendation and is one of those rare finds that should appeal to users on just about any level."
--Mac Directory, July-September 2004 issue

"As well as the step-by-step tutorial matter, there are very good explanatory notes throughout...An excellent training manual for anyone with an interest in getting the most of out of Photoshop. A great introduction to image manipulation for digital photographers."
--Major Keary. PC Update, August 2004

"Wit, wisdom, and Deke?s landmark personal touch permeate his writing and pictures. We have here an excellent, thorough beginner's course that I will use starting tomorrow as my essential text for Photoshop learners. Intermediates will find crucial tune-ups for all the Photoshop fundamentals...Congratulations to Deke and your publication team on receiving our highest 5 out of 5 rating with this initial book. We want more!", July 2004

"I've got a lot of Deke McClelland books on my shelf...But folks, I seriously believe this is Deke's finest hour. This book is simply wonderful. There's not a dull or fluffed page in nearly 500 pages. Seriously...As a Photoshop author, I hate picking up a book and learning things I didn't already know. But Deke's done it to me again! If you want to learn Photoshop from the ground up, look no further...'Photoshop CS One-on-One' is accessible to complete beginners while still offering tips and secrets that even the most experienced Photoshop users won't know....As a Photoshop user myself, and instructor of Photoshop at James Madison University, I believe this book will help all digital artists enjoy the enormous task of mastering Photoshop. Don't miss 'Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One' by Deke McClelland."
--Scott Kelby, The Designer's Bookshelf, July 2004

"There is something for everyone here. Deke's wit, literary allusions and breezy writing style help turn a cumbersome, complicated and sometimes mysterious computer application into a tamable beast. If you do venture into the world of Photoshop with Deke as your guide, you will emerge a powerful image warrior. Recommended."
--Gretchen Wieshuber, KickstartNews, July 2004

"If you use Photoshop and want to learn how to utilize it to the fullest, you owe it to yourself to check out this book."
--Thomas Duff,, May 2004

"Being a tutor and teacher of Photoshop at classroom level, I am always looking for new tutorial ideas or to find that better way to describe a Photoshop function. This book saves the day! It is divided into handy and relevant chapter topics for the reader to either jump to or start the lessons in sequence...The book really is one-on-one as the title says. You, the reader, feel, especially when watching the video that Deke is really talking to you. His manner is conversational and 'down-to-earth,' even having a joke or two along the way. This makes the book enjoyable to read and comprehend. I would recommend this book to anyone starting to learn Photoshop. "
Rating: 5 out of 5
--Sarah Markland, Northern Tasmania Macromedia Users Group, May 2004

"Though the book is focused on the newest Photoshop, CS (version 8.0), I found that most of the examples worked equally well with my Photoshop 5.0 on Windows and Photoshop 6.0 on the Mac. I really liked the comfortable writing style, and the fact that the author embeds his own opinions into the text. That's important -- you don't want someone to just tell you how to use Unsharp; you want someone who will tell you why you would want to use Unsharp over the other Sharp filters (even though he will also demonstrate these, too)...This book will be particularly good for someone who wants to learn some nifty new tricks with Photoshop--including good examples working with the layers, which I don't use probably as much as I should...The images in the book are wonderful, and the production quality is above average. Good book, could definitely recommend for all beginning to beginning/intermediate Photoshop users.", April 2004

"With the help of this book, even experienced Photoshop users will learn new ways of doing things in Photoshop CS. Whether you have been using Photoshop CS since its release last year, or if you are just getting ready to make the plunge, learning Photoshop will be easier with this book at your side. I highly recommend it."
--Tim Thomas, Alaskan Apple Users Group, April 2004

"Photoshop is an essential, powerful, and sometimes a befuddling tool. Author Deke McClelland's amazing "Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One" clears the fog, taking you from graphics newbie to Photoshop warrior, under his watchful, easygoing guidance."
--Dale Farris, Golden Triangle PC Club, April 2004

"This is an excellent, practical book for learning Photoshop CS, and nicely complements Digital Photography, Expert Techniques by Ken Milburn. The two books are an impressive start to O'Reilly's new Digital Studio series."
--Northern Vermont Macintosh User Group, April 2004

"It doesn't seem fair to even refer to this book as a 'book.' It's much more than just a book! Deke McClelland is known worldwide as a Photoshop Master. The things he does with Photoshop are simply magical and he does them with such style and grace! He makes things that I previously considered extremely difficult as simple as saying '1 2 3.' He is truly a MASTER! This is actually a 'one-on-one visual classroom' with two hours of video instruction on the accompanying CD...It was a great pleasure to review this book and I feel honored to have spent this time with the MASTER!"
--Diana Arsenault, Charlotte County Computer Group, March 2004

"A great mix of step-by-step tutorials with discussions of underlying issues."
--Major Keary, Book Notes