Media praise for Digital Photography Pocket Guide

"Out of all the general photography books I've seen, my favorite is entitled Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Second Edition by Derrick Story and published by O'Reilly. What makes this little gem stand out from the crowd is its pocket-friendly size, tight writing, and most of all, delightful attitude...Budget an extra $15 for Digital Photography Pocket Guide, Second Edition and keep it in your camera bag. It's the most inspiring cheat-sheet for digital photography out there."
--David MacNeill, Digital Camera Magazine, November 2004

"Rating: 5/5 I went from early doubts to complete satisfaction. I can see myself using this book for years to come. Good thing that it seems to be made well. If you are just starting out in digital photography and looking to learn more, pick it up. If you have some experience, but are looking for a solid reference to take along with you on your travels, pick it up. Pop it in your camera bag and forget about it – you never know when you might need some advice or reminding before taking a shot. At just over US$10 bucks, there is no way that you can lose."
--Patrick O'Keefe,, June 2004

"My summary of the Second Edition is that, if you're considering getting a digital camera, or are currently using one, then you're a dope if you don't get your own copy of the 'Digital Photography Pocket Guide'--pronto."
--George Carrington, ACT Apple Users Group Inc., February 2004

"If you are an amateur photographer like me and the options on that new digital camera you recently bought overwhelm you, perhaps you need help as much as I do...What I need is a guide that provides better advice than the user's guide. O'Reilly's 'Digital Photography Guide' is the answer to my prayer. It is concise, portable, and informative."
--Les Benson, Victoria PC Users' Association, February 2004

"A compact but surprisingly comprehensive guide that should be in every digital photographer's bag. Information is well organised and easy to find."
--Major Keary, "Book News," December 2003

Praise for the previous edition:
"A treasure trove for beginners who want to learn how to use their camera's built-in spot meter and other techie stuff...Stuff a set of O'Reilly's 'Digital Studio' series books into the stocking of your favorite digital photographer this holiday season."
--Joe Farace, "Shutterbug," December 2003