Media praise for Windows Server Cookbook

"...the author has done an excellent job of writing a book that can be really beneficial to programmers who want to accomplish various tasks in an application. So, for those of you without much of a programming background, the VBScript solutions are straightforward and should be easy to follow and expand on! "
-- John Vacca,

"Everything from remote administration to users and event logs are covered in a format which clearly defines problems, outlines solutions, and includes the technical code necessary to correct or improve."
-- James Cox, Midwest Book Review

"This book is a must for any Windows systems administrator. True to the O'Reilly standards, the Windows Server Cookbook is easy to follow and packs a wealth of knowledge."
--Geoffrey Kneale, review, August 2005

"What makes this book so valuable, at least insofar as I am concerned, stems from the versitility of its premise. To those who work in a well-formed domain, Allen makes it easy to use the scripts. To those who have the hodge-podge environment created by virtue of many company buy-outs, then the dimensional advantage of both a perl and a vbscript view is extremely functional. While many of the scripts are elementary, the full-range of topics and scripts adds alternatives to almost everyone."
--O.J. King, review, August 2005

"...Robbie has once again come through with another great book."
--Mike Kline, review, June 2005

"This book can make better SysAdmins out of those of us who are serious their work, whether newbies or seasoned veterans... In this powerful, yet underserved, context, Robbie Allen's Windows Server Cookbook for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 (along with his equally impressive earlier effort, ActiveDirectory Cookbook) is a very happy development. In Windows Server Cookbook, not only does Allen arm Windows SysAdmins with more than 500 genuinely useful, pre-rolled scripts, he *also* goes over the equivalent tools/steps in the Windows Graphical User Interface *and* even provides references to many powerful, specialized and (mostly) free tools that are to be had from the very good folks at SysInternals/WinInternals. "
--"Alerter," review, May 2005

"Robbie Allen does it again. This book is a must buy, (and no I don't know him nor have I ever met him.) But, I'm a professional instructor/consultant and have been at it for over 14 years and his materials keep on making me look real good to my clients and customers. Robbie, keep up the good work - to all of the rest of you, just buy the book and you'll realize how good it is."
--Mark S. Myers, review, April 2005