Media praise for Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration

"Essential Mac OS X Server Administration, written by Michael Bartosh and Ryan Faas, has been eagerly anticipated by the OS X Panther Server community. The wait is finally over and the authors have satisfied their audience with a meticulously written and detailed volume on OS X Server administration... Essential Mac OS X Server Administration is an indispensable contribution to the education of the IT professional."
--Mary Norbury-Glaser,, June 2005

"In a word? Meticulous... I consider this Panther Server Administration as a baseline book for anyone remotely interested in enterprise-level server management--and the WinTel Sysadmin excuse of, 'it won't work' will no longer be acceptable--or tolerated. At 848 pages, this book isn't just 'Essential,' it is 'Comprehensive' due to its indepth detail. Now there is no excuse either for not going to an Xserve environment."
--Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, July 2005

"I received my copy of [Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration] today, and boy was it worth the wait. It is of the highest quality, and the amount of detail and thorough explanations ensures that almost every Mac system admin stands to learn something from it...I've been doing Mac server administration since 1994, and this book is the first of its kind for Apple server documentation. I hope Michael and Ryan write many more!"
--Dave Walcott, Walcott Consulting, June 2005