Media praise for Linux Cookbook

"I am not even sure where to begin with my praise of this book, it's got over a dozen sticky notes marking key sections that I find useful. I guess I can start by saying that the author is deeply involved with doing system administration via the command line, which is fantastic news for me! There are plenty of decent GUI tools out there, but when x dies and you're stuck at a command line, using them isn't an option."
--Elizabeth Krumbach, PhillyChix (Philadelphia Area Linuxchix Chapter), July 2005

"I have already lost my copy of this excellent book to my coworkers. This is another great entry to O'Reilly's 'Cookbook' series. I have been running and administering Linux for 10 years and I didn't expect too much from this book. I was wrong. It is packed full of useful recipes that are the kind of thing I can never remember and spend ages digging out of documentation when I need them."
--Rob Judd, review, July 2005

"As the author Carla Schroder, writes: the book is 'light on theory and heavy on how-to-make-this-go.' Early recipe groups are the simplest--how to find and use documentation or how to use package management software. In later chapters, you'll learn how to run Apache, share files and printers with Samba, manage a Domain Name Sever, print, configure network time, compile from source code, detect hardware, manage users and groups, record CD/DVDs, customize kernels, do system rescue and recovery, and more... This is indeed a useful, practical guide for tweaking your Linux box, and an excellent tool for those wishing to become more technically savvy without having to wade through technical language."
--Todd Richard Lyons, Central Indiana Linux Users Group (CINLUG), June 2005

"There are lots of 'how-to' pointers in this cookbook. Newcomers to Linux as well as more seasoned veterans will find the book useful. The book nicely brings together and addresses many Linux issues such as: managing files, partitions, and bootloaders; upgrading and patching the kernel; CD and DVD recording; and many network related items."
--Nick Bulitka, Review, June 2005

"There's probably something in here for everyone, and even experienced administrators can learn a thing or two. Certainly, beginners can bring themselves up to speed in many areas with this book's content."
--Roger Walker, Edmonton Linux User Group (ELUG), May 2005

"Given that about 20 of my all-time 'how the hell do I do that?' Linux mysteries were answered easily with this book, we give Schroder's Linux Cookbook a rare 5 out of 5... I'd recommend Linux Cookbook by Carla Schroder as the best general-purpose resource."
--David Gewirtz,, March 2005