Media praise for Flash Hacks

"Although the book, like Flash itself, is not for the unmotivated, there really is something here for everyone from beginner to veteran. If you are tempted by the promise of shiny new tricks and sweet insider workarounds then you can eagerly and easily search these pages for tasty snacks to digest now and save the heavier helpings for later...I'm a long–time fan of the seriously usable content and simple direct presentation style of O'Reilly technical reference manuals. This book ventures into more creative realms than their usual titles but stays true to form."
-- Philip High, Digital Media Artists Group (dmag)

"The majority of the material covered in this book you won't find anywhere else and you can actually apply the techniques to real world projects. Its one of the few Flash books that you'll actually reach for when you are working and not just taking a study break."
--Brian Delaney, NSMUG (Nova Scotia Macromedia User Group), June 2005

"Might as well get used to it; Flash is the most popular multimedia application for Web use today. It might seem overwhelming at first, but give this book a try before you toss Flash aside. Flash Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools offers ideas to help you become comfortable with the creative possibilities of this amazing program...Tips vary in difficulty, but step-by-step instructions make these projects appear less daunting. Keep in mind, too, that most of the tips were gleaned from the Flash online community, where sharing techniques and tricks is commonplace. They're not only great examples of Flash's capability; they're tested and tried."
--Bonnie Bruno,, May 2005

"Designers and scripters who want more than the average Flash user will find this an essential guide to creating and using shortcuts, using Flash for unusual, fun applications, and achieving the most from Internet Applications. Flash Hacks covers Flazh MX, MX2004, and MX Professional 2004 as well as ActionScript 2.0, so it's got the latest tools and techniques."
--Bookwatch, October 2004